SaaS SEO Case Study

How we achieved a 51% increase in software demo signups with our Game Plan


Increase in software trial conversions


Increase in organic traffic in 5 months


Increase in ranking keywords

Who is Maptive?

Maptive is a B2B SaaS company whose sophisticated, easy-to-use mapping software converts location-based data into custom Google maps in seconds. Users can choose from hundreds of customizations and styles to create beautiful, informative maps that can help businesses use data visualization to make better business decisions.


Decreasing Organic Traffic

Maptive suffered a substantial decrease in their organic traffic from an algorithm update, which decreased qualified traffic, leads, and conversions coming to the website. Maptive looked to Sure Oak to structure a plan to overcome traffic losses, increase high user intent traffic, and get the company back on a solid growth trajectory.

Lower Conversions

Traffic losses also dramatically impacted the number of free software trial conversions, and in turn trials-to-purchase conversions. Additionally, Maptive needed more content and more emphasis placed on the buyer journey in order to positively impact and improve conversion rates.


To reverse significant declining trends and help Maptive to grow significantly, a holistic SEO strategy was needed.

In order to best understand the current environment, and all of the opportunities and challenges working against us, we used our proprietary Strategic SEO Game Plan process: to determine what the overall opportunity is, what the scope should consist of, how long it might take to achieve results, and how this effort would improve Maptive’s bottom line.

The goal was to develop a comprehensive approach around on-page content strategy and optimizations that supported their biggest opportunities, as well as driving high-value, targeted backlinks to these key pages and to the website as a whole.

First, a website audit was performed to better understand the current roadblocks for indexation and user performance. Once these items were fixed and updated, an advanced SEO strategy began that included the following:

This Game Plan provided in-depth knowledge as to what the ongoing and holistic strategy should be, to ensure focus and priority were set on the highest opportunity areas. This, as well as executing the ongoing strategy, led to the fantastic results presented below.


Total amount of software trial sign-up conversions increased by 51%

Total amount of trial sign-ups to software purchase conversion increased by 55%

Organic conversion rate saw an overall increase sitewide by 15% during the active months of SEO strategy from year one to year two.

Success Page Results:

The following URLs are a few examples of specific pages on the Maptive website that were updated to fit the criteria of the strategy and opportunity. These example pages (plus many more) have now become a success story for the website and a force to be reckoned with for competition.

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