eCommerce SEO Case Study

42% increase in organic revenue in the first year!


Increase in Organic Sessions


Increase in Top 4 Keyword Rankings


Increase in Organic Order Completions


Optimizing Organic Search Results in a Highly Competitive Market

In 2019, the company partnered with Sure Oak to create a solid foundation for long-term organic traffic. Also, a technical SEO review and a link-building strategy were needed for the website. The health supplement market is highly competitive, and entering it blindly could harm any company. So, creating an SEO strategy before optimizing would be imperative to see results and increase revenue. 

Combating the Unique Challenges of an eCommerce Site

It’s important to note that eCommerce SEO presents its own challenges because its goals differ from regular websites. A successful SEO strategy for an eCommerce site requires several additional unique and complicated steps. As such, many people find SEO for an eCommerce site too time-consuming.

Creating unique product descriptions, optimizing content, and other on-page aspects are just some of the challenges that an eCommerce SEO project entails. In particular, eCommerce sites have thousands of product descriptions that are often automated. This can have negative results for search engine optimization when not handled correctly.

To ensure users find the right product, one must optimize search queries by using keywords and creating engaging content. Failure to follow these steps can compromise the SEO of e-commerce sites and lead to a loss in organic rankings. Since, people often discover eCommerce websites through Google, if the site doesn’t appear on the first page, it will likely not be found in organic search results at all.

Building an SEO Strategy for a Large Ecommerce Website

When the online health supplement provider partnered with Sure Oak, the company already had a large website. Because of its size, it faced some unique challenges. As a prominent health eCommerce website, they would have to ensure their content loads quickly, provides high-quality and up-to-date information, and uses powerful words to motivate users.

Sure Oak began providing on-page optimization, content development, and consultation for the company. We also offered link-building from high-authority websites and YMYL compliance strategies for the eCommerce website.


Sure Oak worked with the online supplement company for three years to meet all their needs, including growing their much desired organic program in the United States. As part of its Ecommerce SEO services, Sure Oak quickly created a strategy to boost its organic traffic, improve its SEO results, and handle the unique challenges many eCommerce websites often face.

As prioritization was crucial for the company, the first step we took was to improve their organic search results. Sure Oak did this by focusing on Google’s guidelines outlining SEO and what makes websites rank higher on its search engine.

Google has strict guidelines on how websites appear on their search engine. Examples include providing high-quality content, getting backlinks from high-authority websites, and paying attention to search queries. It’s also important to use keywords correctly and make sure they flow within the content as naturally as possible.

Initially, we focused on improving organic traffic on Google by providing optimization and content development. In addition, we gathered information about their target demographic, past site performance, and key competitors.

Next, we reviewed the company’s goals and gathered additional unique information. This allowed us to develop content to help them move higher within the search engine results. Sure Oak met the client’s goals by consulting and working hard to achieve them.


Throughout the first two years of working with the online supplement provider, we made critical improvements to their organic traffic.

Organic Users & Sessions

Organic users increased by 53%, and organic sessions improved by 54%.

Organic Revenue

With the SEO strategy Sure Oak employed, there was also an increase of 42% in organic revenue.

When looking at optimized page results, there was also positive movement from them. Below are some of the results:

  • Bacillus Subtilis Probiotic Supplement: Within the first year, organic sessions improved by 120%.
  • Luteolin Supplement: Within the first two years, the organic sessions improved by 125%.
  • Natural Anti Prolactin Support: A 154% increase within two years for organic results.

Keyword Rankings

Lastly, Sure Oak was able to help build the keyword portfolio for the website. Within the first 6 months, top 4 keyword rankings increased by 36%.

Through the partnership with Sure Oak, the online supplement website was able to achieve the results it wanted. Thanks to a mix of link building, content development, and on-page optimization, the company saw a “healthy” increase in traffic and leads to its online eCommerce website.

Because of this success, after 3 years, they remain a dedicated partner with Sure Oak to this day!

About the eCommerce Health Supplement Provider

To prevent health complications, the founder of the online supplement provider began taking dietary supplements in 1992. As soon as he noticed the benefits, he started sharing the supplements with his family and friends.

Later, realizing how others could benefit from these nutritional supplements, which were produced in France, he developed his own unique formula. In 2018, the online health supplement provider entered the American market with a team of doctors and scientists to provide people with a safe and effective source of nutrients for the supplements. As a result, clients can lead a healthy and clean lifestyle with the supplements offered by the company.

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