Link Building SEO Case Study

538% Increase In Organic Traffic In Two Months

Case Study: Life Coach Spotter

The Problem

The client wanted to rank higher on Google and get more traffic to make more money. Many tactics were tried that barely moved the needle, such as: broken link-building, competitor analysis, link reclamation, and guest posting. They wanted a massive increase in targeted traffic, but how could they get it?

The Solution

If you want unconventional results, you need to try an unconventional approach. If everyone else out there is doing guest posting and classic link-building, you won’t stand apart from the competition.

We decided to earn backlinks from universities with a scholarship. Learn more about how to get .EDU backlinks here.

The Benefits

  • 100% white hat
    Less than 1 hour for client setup
  • 5x organic traffic in only 2 months results can last for years
  • Numerous keywords being ranked for all got a bump in position
  • Works for any website gives back to the community
  • The upfront investment is a barrier to entry so most people don’t do it

The Explanation

Backlinks from universities (.edu’s) are the most authoritative and trusted websites on the web because they are “seed sites”.

What is a “seed site”? It’s where Google starts it’s algorithm from.

Google knows that a link from or has the highest trust. This is where they start their evaluation of trustworthiness when they crawl the web. Since these sites won’t be linking out to spammy or shady websites, Google gives a very high degree of trust to the websites that seed sites like universities link to. And the fewer degrees of separation you are from a seed site, the more Google will trust you. And the more Google trusts you, the higher you rank in search engine results, and the more traffic you get.

When you earn backlinks from universities you are linked to directly from a seed site. Colleges and universities link directly to your website, which tells Google’s algorithm that you are a trusted website.

And that’s how we were able to rapidly grow our client’s organic traffic in only two months.

While this strategy has been around for a while, very few companies actually do it, and there’s one major reason why. There’s a barrier to entry. You have to be willing to give a sizable financial reward to a deserving student. But that’s not all, you have to be willing invest more time, energy and money into the creation of the scholarship itself and its guidelines, do outreach to universities, oversee and manage and track the entire campaign, and more.

But, because less than one percent of all businesses with an online presence are willing to do this, you have a big competitive advantage when it’s executed right.

And if you have a healthy online business, the ROI on your SEO investment should be many times over.

How We Did It

We handled all of the hard work to set up the campaign and the offering. Most who try to do this on their own, fail.

We drew upon our previously established relationships with universities and an email list of schools.

We took a look at our database of universities, which we are regularly tracking, to see who are our best targets so we could directly connect with the right ones. We strategically sorted out which schools we wanted to approach.

From our experience, we have proprietary knowledge about which universities to speak to and all of the components necessary to get universities to link back to your business. We know all of the requirements, eligibility, application process, deadlines, and more to create the entire offering and conduct the necessary outreach.

We took care of all of the outreach to universities, including emails, phone calls, and follow-ups. Then we continually tracked the backlinks.

The Results

Traffic increased 538%.

Ranking position for multiple keywords dramatically increased.

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