243% Growth in Organic Traffic with Link Building Campaigns


Increase in Organic Traffic


Increase in total organic keyword rankings


Increase in referring domains


Increase in organic sessions to target pages and 11 points increase in DA

Who is Mattress Nerd?

Mattress Nerd sets out to make the mattress buying experience simple, stress-free, and — hopefully — a little fun. Ultimately, their goal is to help consumers make an informed and educated mattress purchase. Jack Mitcham, Mattress Nerd’s CEO, created the company to provide a platform to share his knowledge about mattresses and help countless, sleepless people find the mattress that best fits their needs. Jack couldn’t be in every mattress store helping every customer, but Mattress Nerd is the next best thing.


Building DA and Improving Rankings

The company decided to partner with Sure Oak in order to increase organic traffic through SEO, which would increase its revenue through its ad views and links to affiliate websites.

Leveraging Links to Boost Organic Traffic on Top Pages

Before starting our link building campaigns, Mattress Nerd was already a well-established website and had respectable organic traffic numbers. However, the number of backlinks gained organically wasn’t enough to sustain accelerated growth, especially for specific pages on the domain. Our goal was to increase traffic to those pages while steadily increasing the overall number of keywords for the website.

Building DA and Improving Rankings

Acquiring backlinks from websites with little domain authority is easy. Getting links from established websites that have asserted their online value is more difficult, but it’s the best way to improve domain authority and sustain that improvement over a long period of time. And for a website like Mattress Nerd’s, which already had some authority, it’s really the only way. That’s why Sure Oak focused solely on websites with a domain authority greater than 30, and many had a domain authority greater than 40.


For Mattress Nerd, Sure Oak rolled out a comprehensive link building strategy that included building both scholarship links, which primarily help boost domain authority (DA), and contextual links, which we used to increase traffic to specific, high-priority pages on the website. The combined approach proved to be very fruitful for the domain and target pages. In just two months, we noticed a ~124% increase in organic traffic and a 28% increase in organic keywords. A diverse and strong backlink profile, coupled with an on-page strategy Mattress Nerd executed in-house, helped the website reach its true potential in only a few short months.


Organic Traffic Growth

Organic traffic to the site grew 243% from November 1 to April 1.

Organic Keywords

Total organic keyword rankings grew 117% from November 1 to April 1.

Referring Domains

The number of referring domains increased by 133% from November 1 – April 1.

Page-specific Results

For our contextual link building campaign, we began by identifying a few high-priority pages to focus on:

Just as we expected, we started seeing significant results in about eight weeks. And over the course of several months, our efforts led to significant traffic increases, ranging from 68 percent to 2408 percent:

Traffic Increase

Page: https://www.mattressnerd.com/mattress-sizes/

Link-building strategy: 10 links over 6 months (Nov 1st to March 31st)
Traffic increase: 13 to 329 session = 2430% Increase

Traffic Increase

Page: https://www.mattressnerd.com/best-mattress-for-back-pain/

Link-building strategy: 6 links over 6 months (Nov 1st to March 31st)
Traffic increase: 59 user sessions in February to 105 in March = 77% Increase

Traffic Increase

Page: https://www.mattressnerd.com/best-mattress-for-back-pain/

Link-building strategy: 19 links over 6 months (Nov 1st to March 31st)
Traffic increase 297 sessions in November to 500 in March = 68% Increase

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