381% growth in organic traffic in just 5 months

Results: 381% increase in organic traffic

  • Every technique we used is 100% white hat.
  • We combined 8+ strategies for maximum effect.
  • We earned over 100 high-trust and high-authority links.
  • We wrote over 70,000 words of original content guides.
  • Growth continues to steadily increase.

The Opportunity

The Client:
Life Coach Spotter

The Problem:
The client wanted to rank higher on Google and get more traffic to make more money. Previously, many tactics were tried that barely moved the needle, such as: broken link-building, competitor analysis, link reclamation, and guest posting. They wanted a massive increase in targeted traffic, but how could they get it?

The Solution: A Multi-Strategy Approach

We used a multi-strategy approach to “fire on all cylinders”. There are multiple ways to earn white hat backlinks, so we wanted to take a full-on approach. Here are some of the primary strategies that we employed:

  • Infographic campaigns
  • Comprehensive content guides
  • Answering journalist requests
  • Collaborative placements
  • Blogger outreach
  • Resource page inclusion
  • Strategic relationship building
  • Guest posting services

The Process:

Infographic Campaigns

While infographics are an “old” strategy, they are incredibly effective because:

  • They are informative
  • They are visual
  • They are easy to embed in a website
  • They make the other person’s website look professional

We create the infographic around the keyword you want to rank for, and then get it shared on multiple websites.

Comprehensive Content Guides

To rank high in search engine results page, you need real, high-quality content that will engage users. As Google’s algorithm gets more sophisticated, they can actually track user engagement. The old days of writing thin, junky content are over. Think long-term with high-quality that users are looking for.

70,000+ Words of High-Quality Content

We’ve written over 70,000 words of high-quality, on page content. The more content you have, and the higher quality it is, the higher are your chances of ranking higher.

Journalist Requests

We use our connections to journalists and reporters who are looking for an expert at your company to quote and link to. We’ve earned links from multiple, high-authority outlets, such as The Huffington Post, Prevention Magainze, LiveStrong, Bustle, Business News Daily, Safe Bee, The Active Times, Long Island Pulse, and more.

Resource Pages

We’ve earned links from resource pages because the content we’ve created is worth of it.

The Results

Keyword: “spiritual life coach”
Results: From position 57 to 1.

Keyword: “online life coach”
Results: From position 28 to 5.

Keyword: “how to find yourself”
Results: From position 45 to 6.

Keyword: “feeling lost”
Results: From position 72 to 10.

High-Authority, High-Trust Backlinks

High-Authority, High-Trust Backlinks Earned At the end of the day, to rank higher, you must get high-quality backlinks, and enough of them. They must also come from different domains. Here are a hundred of the backlinks we earned.

Why These Strategies Are So Effective

“Link-Earning” vs “Link-Building”

We know that “link-earning” is far more powerful than the traditional “link-building”. Why? Because when you create rich and high-quality content that other websites want to link to, they will naturally create backlinks for you. This creates far less resistance and is much more effective. “Link-building” is by definition not white hat, since to “build” a link you would manually place it on a website that you can control and manipulate. But “link-earning” means that you deserve the link, and it is freely given to you by other websites.

Multiple High-Authority Domains

It’s important that you earn links from multiple domains, rather than just multiple links from the same domain. This ensures that many other websites are “voting” for your website. We measure the authoritativeness of a link with the Moz metric of “domain authority”. Backlinks earned from higher domain authority websites will help you rank higher and get more organic traffic.

Building Relationships

Getting backlinks to your website in a legitimate and white hat way is the biggest challenge in SEO. This is because you cannot force or coerce other websites to link to you. Moreover, if you “build it”, they will not come, because you have to manually outreach to other websites and let them know about your great piece of content. However, asking for links won’t work, because website owners need more incentive to link to your content.

To make that happen, we work diligently to build relationships with websites, so that they not only “like” us as friendly, nice, helpful people who are fun to talk with, but so they also see we have something really cool to share.

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