How Sure Oak SEO Got More Than 100% Increases in Organic Keyword Rankings and Organic Goal Completions


Increase in organic keyword rankings


Increase in new organic users


Increase in organic goal completions

Who is We Mount TVs?

We Mount TVs specializes in installing audio and video equipment in residential and commercial properties in select service areas through the Southeast U.S. In addition to mounting TVs, the company installs surround sound systems, as well as projectors and smart home equipment.


Looking for a Long-term Partner

We Mount TVs had been looking for a long-term partner to help them with their search marketing efforts. Other companies they had worked with either weren’t responsive or simply didn’t get results. Contacting Sure Oak was their first step toward achieving their long-term marketing goals.

Spending Too Much on PPC

We Mount TVs was spending a disproportionate percentage of their marketing budget on PPC and wanted to reduce their reliance on paid ads to generate leads. They contacted Sure Oak to help them develop an effective SEO strategy that would generate inbound leads from local organic search traffic.

Offering Services in Specific Areas

We Mount TVs is a regional business, but they only offer services in specific metro areas, including Austin, TX, Birmingham, AL, Huntsville, AL, Orlando, FL, Nashville, TN, Raleigh/Durham, NC and Tuscaloosa, AL. Sure Oak developed a strategy to help them rank for locally relevant search queries.


In order to help We Mount TVs reduce their monthly ad spend and drive more leads from organic search, we developed a comprehensive SEO strategy that involved revamping existing pages, creating long-form guides for new pages and generating high-quality backlinks to targeted pages.

For a company like We Mount TVs, which services several specific areas spread across the southeastern U.S., location is everything. That’s why a large part of our content strategy centered around improving existing service pages for the specific areas that We Mount TVs operates. We also identified service pages that were not location-specific that were already driving leads, and improved those, too.

The other part of our content strategy was to create unique, long-form content that provided users with a ton of value, at no cost. The following three pages were written, optimized and added to their website:

Best TV Wall Mounts of 2019

Projectors vs. TVs: Which is best for your setup?

Mounting a TV on Brick Fireplaces: In-Depth Guide

In order to increase the value of the improved and new content on We Mount TVs’ website, we implemented a link-building strategy targeted at high-quality links from authoritative domains.

Our link-building campaign not only generated several hundred backlinks; it increased We Mount TVs overall domain authority significantly, a huge step forward for the site and the company.

By partnering with Sure Oak, We Mount TVs significantly boosted its visibility on Google and other search engines and saw real results, which you can see below, from their investment.


Organic Keyword Growth

Organic keyword rankings grew by 115%
from March – November.

We also implemented a scholarship link-building program, which generated 192 high-quality backlinks over an 8-month time period.

This helped increase the Domain Authority from 23 to 29.

New Organic Users

New Organic users increased by 51.05%

Organic Sessions

Organic sessions increased by 47.63%

Organic Goal Completions

Organic goal completions increased by 114.81%

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