Cannabis SEO Agency

Views on marijuana use are changing, opening the door to more fantastic opportunities for cannabis companies. Our cannabis SEO agency can take your website to the next level so you can smoke the competition and dominate the SERPs.

SEO for Dispensaries, Medical Marijuana, & CBD Ecommerce

The “green rush” has begun, making it even more difficult for dispensaries, cannabis delivery businesses, medical marijuana companies, and local CBD stores to stand out from the crowd. Your competition is fierce and growing every day. Plus, cannabis companies face unique challenges when it comes to marketing your services. Google, Facebook, and other platforms prohibit advertisements for marijuana, THC, and other cannabis products, and strict regulations limit how freely cannabis companies can use their social media accounts.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a pivotal strategy for promoting your cannabis company. By strategically targeting specific keywords and phrases that your customers are searching for, your business can tap into available organic traffic from high-intent potential customers.

Partnering with a cannabis SEO agency can help you improve your rankings, boost organic traffic, and increase conversions and sales. At Sure Oak, we’re experts in cannabis SEO and use proven strategies to increase your visibility and attract more customers to your business. When you partner with our cannabis SEO agency, here’s what you can expect.

Who Do We Work With?

From local pot sellers to large marijuana wholesalers and everyone in between, our cannabis SEO agency can help you reach your desired audience. With over twenty years of experience with SEO, our approach is battle-tested to get the incredible results your business deserves.

Medical Marijuana Companies

Medical marijuana SEO comes with its own set of challenges, legal restrictions, and requirements. Our cannabis SEO agency uses proven tactics to increase your company’s visibility to doctors and patients alike, while ensuring your content doesn’t violate YMYL guidelines that could have Google penalizing your site.

Local Cannabis Dispensaries

As more states legalize recreational marijuana, the need for dispensary SEO strategy grows. Whether you’re selling weed through an e-commerce storefront, sell cannabis wholesale, or if you rely on local buyers, our cannabis dispensary SEO agency will help you reach your target audience.

CBD Ecommerce Websites

There’s a huge market for CBD oils, tinctures, lotions, sleep aids, and all the other products made with CBD. We’ll create a strategy that targets valuable keywords related to all product types to ensure you stand out from the crowd and your customers can find their way to you, no matter what they need.

Get More Calls, Clicks and Customers With Cannabis SEO

Sure Oak Cannabis SEO Services

SEO should be the pillar of your online marketing efforts. For cannabis companies, SEO is often the only way you can promote your website. If you’re not optimizing your website, you’re missing out on countless opportunities. Our cannabis SEO agency will give you the power to get your company in front of as many customers as possible. We’re dedicated to your success and provide a wide range of cannabis SEO services to support you.

Custom SEO Strategy

No two companies are the same, and no marijuana SEO marketing strategies should be the same, either. When you partner with our cannabis SEO agency, we take the time to get to know you. A deep understanding of what makes your company unique, your challenges, and your business goals is necessary to create a custom cannabis SEO strategy. From our first discovery call and throughout our entire partnership, we’ll work in close collaboration with your team to provide a tailored SEO strategy focused on driving results.

Competitor Analysis

The cannabis industry is becoming increasingly competitive. Our SEO analysts will take a detailed look at your competitors who are ranking higher to understand what it will take to beat them. We’ll examine their keyword strategy, identify any gaps in their content, and audit the quality of their website. This close look helps us spot new opportunities for your marijuana SEO strategy, and we’ll craft a strategy to beat your competitors to new keywords, content development, and audience targeting.

Keyword & Content Strategy

Our proprietary approach to keyword research services is our secret sauce when it comes to earning incredible results for your cannabis company. We comb through thousands of related keywords in order to identify the terms that will provide the most value to your website. Our 360-degree analysis of keywords includes search intent, relevancy, competitive advantage, and audience targeting. Once we’ve zeroed in on the keywords we’ll focus on as part of your cannabis SEO plan, our team will create a content strategy that attacks each keyword.

Content Optimization & Development

Our copywriters and content strategists are experts in the cannabis industry. We know how to balance keyword usage, your brand’s unique voice, and industry regulations in order to create valuable content that your audience will love. Our in-depth keyword research and analysis of search intent informs our cannabis SEO content strategy. From content refreshes to creating brand new content for your website or blog, each piece will work to attract customers throughout the sales journey.

Local SEO

Recreational and medical cannabis laws vary by state, making local cannabis SEO strategy even more important for your industry. About 80% of customers search online for local businesses near them, and customers are more likely to be loyal to businesses in their communities. The good news is, local SEO is often less competitive than targeting terms at the national level. Our SEO team uses local SEO for dispensaries and medical marijuana companies that will establish your business as a hometown favorite.

Technical SEO Auditing

There are hundreds of ranking factors that affect how well your website performs in the SERPs. Our cannabis SEO services include a comprehensive technical SEO audit that inspects the entirety of your website. We’ll look at everything from page speed to site architecture in order to create a detailed picture of your website’s health. If we spot any issues, our team will make a plan to optimize your technical SEO to ensure your search performance is operating on all cylinders.

Mobile & Site Speed Optimization

The mobile-friendliness of your website has a huge impact on how well it performs in search. Over half of all users are surfing the internet from their phones or tablets. Google knows this and penalizes sites who don’t create a user-friendly, seamless experience for mobile users. We’re here to consult with you on how to optimize your page speed and create a responsive website so any user can navigate your site without friction – and so Google will reward you with high-intent traffic.

Link Building & Off-Site SEO

Link building is one of the most powerful marijuana SEO tools, and it’s our specialty. It can be a unique challenge to earn links with content about weed. Our cannabis SEO company has relationships with webmasters, bloggers, thought leaders, and other influencers that go back for years. We call upon these relationships to get our clients the kinds of links they won’t be able to get anywhere else, and we’ll get their sites and content promoted on relevant sites to increase authority and rankings.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

More traffic doesn’t mean much if you’re not also seeing an increase in conversions. Asking your customers to take action can mean a lot of different things – online purchases, email signups, or scheduling an appointment. Our cannabis SEO agency will optimize conversions on your website through UX design, fantastic content development, and a well-designed sales funnel. An increase in conversion rate can make a huge difference in bottom-line results, and we’ll partner with you to improve your site’s performance.

Analytics & Reporting

We believe in transparency, which is why our cannabis SEO agency sends out regular reports. We’ll develop a custom GDS report that will track key metrics, like keyword rankings and organic traffic, to monitor the performance of your site. You’ll know exactly how well the SEO strategy is working and what adjustments we might make to boost the performance even further. In addition to monthly reports, you’ll have calls with our team where we’ll go over the results and answer any questions you have.

Why Should You Team Up With Sure Oak?

Choosing the right cannabis SEO agency is one of the most important choices you can make for your website. Cannabis companies are on the rise, so are SEO agencies who claim to specialize in the world of marijuana SEO. But cannabis SEO marketing can be a minefield for those who don’t understand the strict regulations around the sale of cannabis products.

Choosing the wrong keywords can do more than tank web traffic. In some cases, cannabis companies can be penalized if their marketing techniques don’t follow strict rules set by local governments, national authorities, and even payment processors.

The team at Sure Oak knows how to color inside the lines. We create customized SEO strategies with proven techniques that follow all of the most recent cannabis marketing SEO guidelines and regulations. With us, you get the real experts and all the benefits that come with our experience.

Cannabis SEO FAQs

Cannabis companies face unique marketing challenges compared to other types of businesses. Many platforms restrict the advertisement of cannabis, THC, and CBD products, including Google and Facebook. These restrictions make SEO one of the most effective marketing options for your cannabis business. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a marketing strategy that optimizes websites for relevant search terms through content, technical improvements, and link building. The goal of SEO is to capture more organic traffic and convert these new visitors into sales. Cannabis SEO is when a business that sells cannabis (dispensaries, medical marijuana companies, CBD stores) uses this organic search strategy to promote their products.

The cost of cannabis SEO services varies from business to business. The quality of your website, your business goals, where your business is located, and the level of support your company needs all affect the cost of professional SEO support.

If you have questions about the cost of working with our cannabis SEO agency, reach out to our team. We’ll talk you through our prices and recommend the most effective services for your goals and budget.

Link building is a cornerstone of medical marijuana search engine marketing, SEO for dispensaries, and services offered by cannabis SEO agencies. Earning links on high-quality websites that point back to your business tell Google that your product is popular, relevant, and trustworthy. This infuses your business’s website with incredible search power.

Earning links can be a challenge, but we’ve honed our approach over more than twenty years. We can boil our link building strategy down to:

  • Prospecting – We begin prospecting potential sites to earn backlinks from. We’ll put together a list from competitor analysis, thought leaders in your industry, and our own relationships with webmasters.
  • Vetting – We rigorously vet all prospects to ensure they meet our quality standards. We look at their domain authority, trustworthiness, organic traffic, and several other factors.
  • Outreach – Once we’ve narrowed down the list of potential prospects, we begin reaching out. We tailor our approach to each of our client’s needs in order to make connections with the most valuable prospects.
  • Content Creation – We create exceptional content that adds value to your potential clients and prospects alike. These shareable resources will be mutually beneficial, making it a no-brainer to link to your site from the sites of prospects.