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Whether you’re in insurance, lending, personal finance, consumer banking, or any other facet of the fintech industry, Sure Oak’s proven fintech SEO services can rocket you up the SERPs.

Sure Oak Fintech SEO Services

While SEO for fintech companies comes with unique challenges, the end goal is the same: get the right pages ranking as high in SERPs as possible for the highest value keyword phrases. Capturing the largest chunk of users for any given keyword takes a large effort – 75% of internet users do business with one of the top three search results.

Your page rankings depend on how well you understand and follow Google’s ranking factors — the variables considered when determining a website’s position in the SERPs. But there are more than 200 ranking factors, and Google updates them on a whim.

Getting your pages to the top of SERPs is no easy feat, which is why it’s important you invest in professional fintech SEO services. With the help of SEO experts, you’ll get a leg up on the competition. At Sure Oak, our SEO for fintech services include everything from keyword research to conversion rate optimization.

Custom Fintech SEO Strategy

Your fintech SEO services will begin with a custom SEO strategy. From our first discovery call, we’ll learn everything there is to know about what makes your business stand out from your competitors. Then we’ll analyze the current industry trends, your competitors’ sites, customer search intent, and several other factors that can impact your strategy.

After we compile all the information, we’ll create an SEO Game Plan for your website. The Game Plan will lay out what optimizations are needed to get your website at the top of relevant search results.

Keyword Research & Analysis

Your potential customers are making millions of searches every day. The right mix of keywords will help your website appear in these searches and attract organic traffic to your site. If you don’t appear in the search results, your competitors will and your potential customers might not know your business exists.

Our fintech SEO agency takes a proprietary keyword research and analysis approach, offering top-notch keyword research services. It is the solid foundation of any customized fintech SEO strategy and is needed to achieve optimal results. Our SEOs will analyze thousands of keywords to find a targeted mix of search terms including long-tail, low competition keywords that will drive results quickly.

Content Optimization Focused on Your Audience

An integral part of any fintech SEO strategy is content creation whether it’s service pages, product pages or blog posts. Having a solid understanding of your target audience will allow us to tailor all of your content so it appeals to targeted users. This goes for updating existing pages, as well as creating new ones.

The right fintech SEO content strategy will build your company’s credibility as well as improve your performance in the SERPs. Our content specialists will create deeply researched, highly accurate content that meets the strict standards of the financial industry. Plus, our robust content strategy will help you target a wide range of market segments to attract the maximum amount of relevant traffic to your site.

Strategic Link Building Campaigns

A solid backlink strategy is an essential part of any fintech SEO strategy. When credible sites link back to your business, your site will earn domain and page authority. This infusion of authority will help your website climb up the SERPs.

With the level of competition in the fintech space, earning valuable links can be a challenge. Link prospecting is time-consuming and may be fruitless if you don’t take the right approach.

At Sure Oak, link building is our bread and butter. Our top-shelf link building service takes useful, high-quality content and gets it featured on authoritative, industry-leading websites in the fintech sector. Unlike fintech SEO companies that reach out to link farms, we’ve spent years building relationships with webmasters, thought leaders, and bloggers. We call on these relationships to get you the types of links you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Technical SEO Auditing

A technical SEO audit requires both SEO expertise and an incredible attention to detail. We know that in order for your website to be operating on all cylinders, several different technical ranking factors must be optimized. Our SEO experts use an exhaustive audit checklist that leaves no stone unturned. We’ll identify everything that can make it difficult for users to navigate your site, from broken links to slow page load times.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Driving more organic traffic to your website won’t bring in more revenue if the new users aren’t converting. In order to get the most out of your fintech SEO strategy, you need a customized conversion rate optimization (CRO) plan.

Our fintech SEO services include an expert approach to CRO. We’ll make adjustments to your site to smoothly guide them to take action. Depending on your website, we may recommend design changes, copy updates, refined CTAs, and other proven strategies. And we’ll perform A/B tests to ensure that CRO updates are made based on real user data.

Experience Growth with Fintech SEO

Why is SEO Important For Fintech Companies?

Over the past several years, fintech companies have disrupted the global economy perhaps more than any other industry. They’ve reshaped the way people spend and save, and, ultimately, they’ve changed our perception of how money works.

But no matter how much money is invested or how much demand there is for financial services, the total addressable market is finite — at least, in the short term. The odds that your company will succeed aren’t in your favor. The best way to ensure you’re one of the companies that do is to invest in the right marketing strategy.

Fintech SEO requires a more sophisticated approach to digital strategy than most other industries. Our fintech SEO agency has more than 20 years of experience helping financial companies of all sizes. We’ll talk with you about your business’s challenges and goals so we can create a customized SEO strategy that will help you win in the SERPs. We take a data-driven approach to SEO and use strategies that are proven to work. Learn more about what we can do for your company.

Increasing Competition For Fintech

Competition in the fintech industry is brutal. You’re going up against nearly 21,000 fintech companies worldwide, many of which offer the exact same services, albeit with different branding. It’s a hostile environment for fintech companies.

If you don’t do everything in your power to beat your competitors, you simply won’t survive. Investing in fintech SEO services is an important step toward long-term financial success. We’ll help you rank on the first page for several key terms that your potential customers are looking for, all while pushing your competitors lower down the page.

Capture More Leads and Sales

Ranking at the top of the SERPs will give your company a lot more than just bragging rights. If you appear in the first three search results for relevant keywords, your organic traffic will boom. With more eyes on your products, you should see a noticeable increase in conversions. And to help you capture as many conversions as possible, we include conversion rate optimization in our fintech SEO services.

Your Money, Your Life (YMYL)

Your Money or Your Life, also known as YMYL, is a topic that affects consumers’ health, finances, safety, or well-being. Fintech and other financial topics fall under this criteria. Google holds YMYL websites to much higher standards than an average site, which means that your website’s expertise, authority, and trustworthiness needs to be strong.

Our SEO experts are familiar with the rigorous standards to which fintech websites are held. We’ll employ battle-tested strategies to boost your credibility, including comprehensive link building campaigns and content strategy.

Partner With a Leading Fintech SEO Agency

The numbers say there’s only a 25% chance your fintech business will survive. Shouldn’t you do everything in your power to make it happen? Partnering with an SEO company that understands the fintech industry inside and out is one step in the right direction.

And at Sure Oak, our high-quality SEO for fintech strategies will help you beat your competitors in SERPs, hone in on your target audience, and set you up to create high-quality, compelling content.

Proven Success With Fintech Companies

We have over 20 years of experience helping businesses of all kinds improve their search engine rankings and grow organic traffic. Our team of fintech SEO consultants has worked with hundreds of fintech clients over the years, from startups to established companies.

Deep Marketing Knowledge In Addition to SEO

Sure Oak is more than just a fintech SEO company. We are a complete digital marketing agency that can help you with everything from UX design to paid search. A well-rounded digital marketing strategy is needed to support a fintech SEO strategy. We’ll work with you to provide any additional support you need to help your website reach its full potential.

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Fintech SEO FAQs

The cost of fintech SEO services varies depending on several factors. Your niche, maturity of your website, business goals, timeline, and the level of support needed can all affect the cost. Our SEO consultants are available to talk with you about your needs and provide a personalized quote. Contact us to schedule a free fintech SEO strategy session.

While many of our clients start seeing results in a couple months, it can take six to 12 months to realize the full potential results of your fintech SEO services. The amount of time it takes to see a return on your investment depends on several factors including the keywords you’re targeting and the quality of your website.

Fintech is more competitive than other industries and highly regulated. It can take time to develop the right SEO strategy to help you stand out from the crowd. Our fintech SEO agency uses a results-driven, proprietary process that analyzes your business’s past, present, and future to create your custom SEO strategy. With our help, your business will do more than survive. It will thrive.

Unlike other SEO agencies, Sure Oak is a full service digital marketing agency. We take a holistic approach to SEO, which means that we look at all the different factors that affect your overall website rankings. This includes on-page, off-page, and technical rankings factors in addition to the other digital marketing strategies you’re using to support your new SEO initiatives. Our expert team can do everything from detailed content strategy to web design and digital PR.

With Sure Oak, you’ll get a level of personal support that you would expect from an in-house agency. You’ll be paired with a dedicated SEO account manager who specializes in your specific niche like B2B fintech SEO or content strategy for a fintech startup. In addition to your account manager, you’ll have the expertise of SEOs, link builders, and content specialists behind your site.

From the moment we partner with your fintech company, your business goals will become our business goals. You’ll get regular reports and monthly calls where we show you what’s working, what needs to be tweaked, and what other opportunities are waiting to be tackled. If you’re ready to see how professional fintech SEO services can help your business, schedule a free strategy session today.