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for Lifestyle, Fitness & Wellbeing Companies

You’re helping to make the world a healthier place, but you can’t do that if clients can’t find your business. Our health and wellness SEO agency will help you beat the competition and get your website ranking on Google.

Health & Wellness SEO Helps Your Message Find the Right Audience

It’s estimated that 7% of all Google searches are related to health and wellness. That’s around 70,000 searches a minute. Your audience is out there, and they are looking for your health and wellness services every day. If your prospective customers can’t find you on the search engine results page (SERP), they’ll find your competitors.

Partnering with a health and wellness SEO agency will give your business the expertise needed to get your website at the top of the search results. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing strategy that optimizes keyword use, content, and technical aspects of your site to boost it up the SERPs. When you win in search, you’ll maximize the amount of organic traffic that comes to your website.

Who Do We Work With?

The team at Sure Oak specializes in all things SEO. We know what it takes to get all types of health and wellness businesses on the first page of the search results. From medical device ecommerce stores to lifestyle bloggers, we work with them all.

Health & Wellness Sites

Our health and wellness SEO agency will take your business’s website to the next level. Whether you’re looking to increase the number of appointments scheduled or promoting a life-changing medical treatment, our SEO for health and wellness strategies will help you achieve all of your goals.

Lifestyle & Fitness Coaches

From personal trainers to dieticians, you work one-on-one with your clients to help them reach their health and wellness goals. Let us provide that same support to your website. With our SEO expertise, you’ll be able to get more eyes on your services and help more people become the best version of themselves.

Online Supplement Stores

Online supplement stores face similar challenges that other ecommerce websites handle on a regular basis. Your company is in a competitive space with many product pages to manage. A strong SEO strategy can help you cut through the noise of your competition and attract customers who are ready to purchase.

Lifestyle Aid & Health Product Manufacturers

Selling and promoting medical devices, health products, and other lifestyle aids are regulated. We have special expertise in working with clients in strictly regulated industries. You can trust us to boost your rankings and guide qualified traffic to your website all while staying within the required guidelines.

Boost Your Business with Health and Wellness SEO Services!

What to Expect from Sure Oak Health & Wellness SEO Services

When you partner with our health and wellness SEO agency, you’ll get the level of SEO expertise that is only earned through decades of experience. Sure Oak is known throughout the industry for getting exceptional results for our clients and providing topshelf service. From our first discovery call throughout our partnership together, you’ll get the best.

Target Audience Insights

Before we create your health and wellness SEO plan, we’ll start by painting a detailed picture of your target audience. Our team will look at search data to understand what your potential customers are searching for, why they’re searching for those terms, and other target audience insights.

Competitor Analysis

The health and wellness industry is competitive, and understanding your competitors is an important part of creating an effective SEO strategy. As part of our health and wellness SEO services, we’ll do a deep dive into your competitors’ website to understand their strategies, find ways to improve your website, and spot opportunities that your competitors haven’t noticed yet.

Keyword & Content Strategy

The foundation of any successful SEO strategy is keyword research. We will research and analyze keywords for health and wellness companies and narrow down the list to the most effective terms. SEO terms aren’t all created equally. For example, keywords for lifestyle blogs will differ greatly from ecommerce health and wellness keywords. Our experts will pick the right ones for your business and map them to each page of your website.

Content Optimization & Development

After we’ve created your company’s personalized keyword plan, we’ll create and develop content. Our experts will audit your existing content to check its performance and find gaps in your content. Then, we’ll refresh the content on your website with strategic keyword usage. When needed, we’ll create brand new content that fills any holes in your content strategy and provides valuable information to your prospective customers.

Technical Website Audit

Content and keyword use aren’t the only things that affect how well your website performs in search. There are several technical factors that are working behind the scenes that Google and other search engines value. Our health and wellness SEO services include a comprehensive technical SEO audit of your website. We’ll analyze everything from your site architecture to page speed and flag anything that is negatively impacting your rankings.

Mobile & Site Speed Optimization

Google crawls websites with a mobile-first approach and puts a strong emphasis on how responsive and mobile-friendly your site is. Creating an excellent user experience for potential customers on any device is one of the most important ranking factors. Our health and wellness SEO agency can do everything from lower your page speed to create a mobile-friendly site for your business.

Analytics & Reporting

Our team will set up ongoing analytics and reporting so we can track how well your website is performing. We’ll share these reports with you every month and discuss any tweaks or improvements we will make to your customized strategy.

Why Choose Sure Oak for Health & Wellness SEO Services?

You’re working hard to improve the health and well-being of your community, and you need an SEO agency who can help you promote your services. Sure Oak is a health and wellness SEO agency who has helped everyone from fitness coaches to supplement providers increase their online visibility and capture more traffic. No matter what you need, we’ll go above and beyond to help you achieve your goals.

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Health & Wellness SEO FAQs

Search engine optimization, also called SEO, is the process of gaining organic traffic from search engine results pages. Websites will be optimized for specific keywords, enabling them to rank higher on the SERPs. The goal is to make it on the first page of the search results in order to beat out the competition and attract as many visitors as possible.

SEO for health and wellness businesses use similar strategies that other businesses employ to optimize their sites. However, health and wellness businesses face some unique challenges when it comes to marketing their services, including a very competitive industry and strict regulations. Partnering with a health and wellness digital marketing agency like Sure Oak is a proven way to see results from this approach.

Our health and wellness SEO agency will bring several benefits to your business. The first, and most important, is that we’ll help bring more visitors to your site. Attracting more organic traffic is necessary if you want to grow your business.

And our team will do more than just capturing any old traffic. The organic visitors to your website will be qualified, relevant traffic. We do this by thoroughly researching your target audience and keywords to zero in on what they’re searching for and why. Our strategy will prioritize keywords near the end of the sales funnel so traffic comes to your website when they’re ready to convert.

We can also help with a wide range of SEO and digital marketing strategies. This includes local SEO to help potential clients in your community find your business, PPC campaign management for a quick boost in visits, and conversion rate optimization to turn the extra traffic into more revenue.

If you’re new to SEO or not sure what your business needs, schedule an SEO strategy consultation. Our SEO experts will talk with you about what we offer and which services might work best for your business.

The cost of health and wellness SEO services varies. It will depend on the maturity of your website, the size of your site, your specific goals, your niche, the level of support you’re looking for, and several other factors. No matter what your budget is, our team will work with you to find a plan that will fit your needs. If you’d like a quote, give us a call. We’ll talk you through our pricing and what our health and wellness SEO agency can do for you.