First Input Delay (FID): What It Is and How To Optimize It

First Input Delay (FID) measures the incremental time between when a user first interacts with a web page, and how long it takes the browser to process that interaction.  FID was selected by Google as one of the key ranking metrics in the Core Web Vitals update that rolled out in 2021; a core algorithm […]

9 Ways to Boost Brand Awareness with SEO

Using SEO to boost your brand awareness may not seem like an easy task, but it is essential.  A strong SEO strategy distinguishes your brand as trustworthy in the eyes of Google and other search engines – but how and why does that matter?  It takes an average of five to seven impressions before a […]

What is LCP and How to Fix it

LCP stands for Largest Contentful Paint, one of the key metrics used by Google as a ranking factor as of the 2022 Core Web Vitals update. Learn more here!

How Long Do Backlinks Take to Work?

It’s no secret that backlinks can impact Google rankings. In fact, Google has listed backlinks as one of its top two search ranking factors alongside having great content. But in the world of search engine optimization (SEO), results rarely happen overnight. So how long do backlinks take to work? On average, it takes about 10 […]

Most Important Marketing KPIs for SaaS Companies

Mastering marketing “Key Performance Indicators” (KPIs) is difficult, especially for SaaS companies. While absolutely necessary, marketing KPIs for SaaS are not as simple as they may first appear. Here are the two main reasons why: The results of digital marketing strategies are often slow and not so easy to see. Digital marketing can be a […]

Internal Linking for SEO


Backlinks are a defining feature of the web that helps to make the internet useful to users who can quickly “jump” from one webpage to another. More importantly for…