Why You Should Outsource SEO Link Building

Ready to outsource your link building? Engage your SEO efforts and take them to the next level with a professional link building service that yields truly high-authority links. Backlinks are one of the top two ranking factors within Google’s page ranking algorithm. High-quality links from trustworthy websites are vital to signal to Google that your […]

Link Building Through Guest Blogging: What You Need to Know

On the list of tried-and-true link building tactics, guest blogging has a special place: SEO professionals have been using it successfully for decades to raise brand awareness, increase authority and drive traffic. Over the years, many have predicted its demise. Famously, in 2014, Google Head of Spam Matt Cutts declared the form had no future. […]

Is Link Building Still Relevant to SEO in 2023

For as long as link building has been a part of SEO, people have been predicting its demise. We’ve seen a number of flare-ups of this concern over the years, with the most recent coming in November, when Google’s John Mueller suggested in an interview that link building might be less relevant to Google’s search […]

105 SEO Link Building Statistics for 2022

link building statistics

Despite recent changes to Google’s ranking algorithms, backlinks remain one of the most essential SEO factors in 2022. Google has revealed that links are one of its top 3 search ranking factors. Recent studies show that links make it easier to outrank competitors. However, few marketers feel well-equipped to navigate and quantify the ROI of, […]

How to Choose the Best White Hat Link Building Agency

Link Building

Finding and hiring the right link building agency is a crucial step in your overall SEO strategy.  Link building is an expert art that blends creativity and data with effective targeting. Not only is the science and application of link building a mystery to most that are not deeply involved in the digital world of […]

How Long Do Backlinks Take to Work?

It’s no secret that backlinks can impact Google rankings. In fact, Google has listed backlinks as one of its top two search ranking factors alongside having great content. But in the world of search engine optimization (SEO), results rarely happen overnight. So how long do backlinks take to work? On average, it takes about 10 […]