8 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an SEO Company


While you already know that SEO can transform the growth trajectory of your business, deciding whom to entrust with this crucial task is challenging. After all, there are enough fly-by-night agencies…

7 Unconventional Ways to Build Links to Improve SERP Ranking

Build Links to Improve SERP Ranking

Only 0.63% of users searching on Google click on an entry from the second page. Hence, the ultimate goal for any SEO is to have their content rank on the first page. When I was tasked with building more links to our QR Code Generator tool for the keyword “Free QR Code Generator”, I knew […]

10 Incredible Link Building Tips for 2022

10 Incredible Link Building Tips for 2021

If you want more traffic, you need to build links. These 10 tips will help you build tons of high-quality links with absolutely no risk of getting penalized by Google.

Internal Linking for SEO


Backlinks are a defining feature of the web that helps to make the internet useful to users who can quickly “jump” from one webpage to another. More importantly for…

3 Big SEO Mistakes Marketers Should Avoid

Mistakes are common in the world of SEO. Most SEO mistakes won’t destroy your rankings. But, there are a few common SEO mistakes that could be costing you a lot of traffic. Wondering why your pages aren’t ranking at the top of Google? You might be making one or more of these common SEO mistakes […]

Why SEO is Important for Business Growth in 2022

Why SEO Is Important for Business Growth

Search engine optimization (SEO) is more important for business growth in 2022 than ever before. But why? Find out in this in-depth piece that explores all the ways SEO can help increase your bottom line.

How SEO and CRO Complement Each Other

How SEO and CRO Complement Each Other

Together, SEO and CRO are the ultimate one-two digital marketing punch. By understanding how to combine SEO and CRO efforts, you’ll improve user engagement, and that often translates into new business.