Understanding Optimize Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

Google optimization

Cumulative layout shift (CLS) is a ranking metric rolled out with Google’s Core Web Vitals algorithm update. The overarching goal of the update is to rank pages that are built to optimize user experience. A common and well-known Cumulative Layout Shift includes: A user goes to a page. On the page, they are enticed with […]

First Input Delay (FID): What It Is and How To Optimize It

First Input Delay (FID) measures the incremental time between when a user first interacts with a web page, and how long it takes the browser to process that interaction.  FID was selected by Google as one of the key ranking metrics in the Core Web Vitals update that rolled out in 2021; a core algorithm […]

What is LCP and How to Fix it

LCP stands for Largest Contentful Paint, one of the key metrics used by Google as a ranking factor as of the 2022 Core Web Vitals update. Learn more here!