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Not long ago, Matt Inglot’s business, Tilted Pixel, was failing. He wasn’t sure how to get clients or even what clients he should be trying to get. He believed that if he didn’t get more clients, he was going to go out of business.

But when he looked at what was working and what wasn’t working for his business, he realized there was a certain type of client that kept returning.

He realized that his best clients were the ones he was able to truly help. He was able to add great value to their businesses.

That’s when he decided to not worry so much about trying to find new clients and instead focus his team’s efforts into growing relationships with existing clients and seeing how they could help add value to those clients’ businesses.


“It’s easy to think about things in terms of our own world.”

In the first half of Matt’s career, he only focused on making better looking websites for his clients because that’s what he cared about. That was his area of passion and expertise.

His clients, however, were primarily concerned with adding value to their businesses.

“Which let’s face it, is typically money.”

After determining his best course of action was to focus his attention on his current clients, Matt shifted from creating the best websites according to his standards to designing websites that would drive value to his clients’ businesses.

Matt explains that the value those websites add can come in different forms for different clients.

Sometimes value is time or the impact the business can make.


The best upselling strategy Matt has discovered is to build relationships with clients and add value to their businesses through strategy calls.

Once a month, Matt gives an hour of his time to each client to chat about how things are going and to find opportunities to give some free advice.

“You have to be in sync with their business.”

According to Matt, these calls give him a chance to see what’s going on with his clients and learn what their goals are. That’s why he recommends making regular strategy calls a major facet of your client relationships. With each call, you have the chance to see if there is any advice you can give or any additional ways you can help.


Matt also emphasizes the need to always be there to help the client and to be careful with your words.

If you go into a strategy call with the underlying motive of upselling, your client will know and will be apprehensive about talking to you.

These calls should exist as a means to check in and build relationships, not make money for your business.

Not all of these calls will result in sales, but they will help you build stronger relationships with your clients, and who knows what that will lead to down the road.


  • Your best clients are the ones you already have.
  • Discover how you can create value for your clients.
  • Use strategy calls as a way to check in with your customers.


Always be there to help the client. Be careful with your words.

  • Be open to giving away free advice.
  • Be patient. Not all calls will lead to sales.


Win More Work From Your Clients With Strategy Calls

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