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The world of digital marketing is changing at a rapid pace. So what can you do to keep you and your business relevant?  This week Tom speaks with Steve Farnsworth from Demand Marketing. Steve is a specialist in demand marketing, a keynote speaker, and a Forbes Top 50 Influencer. (learn how to be a Forbes contributor here) Steve and Tom discuss demand marketing, collaboration, and why you should never stop learning.


Demand generation marketing incorporates all aspects of marketing, from generating leads to making sales.

“You have to think, what leads am I getting and where are they coming from? And based on that, what dials should I turn up more efficiently, and what dials aren’t on at all?”

According to Steve, it is a process of reverse engineering to analyze the origin of your sales to see where your strengths and weaknesses are.

If all of your leads are coming from social, how can you get those leads to go further into your sales funnel?


In digital marketing, the days of being “just a little tech savvy” are over. The worlds of technology and marketing and now closer than ever, and it’s important to understand all aspects of the field, from the creative, content-driven side to the marketing tech side if you want to be a successful marketer.

That is why it is important to have a great marketing team with a dynamic marketing team structure.

Steve also says this means you should never stop learning about marketing technology, as it’s a way to always have the latest digital marketing tools under your belt.


There is so much going on in marketing. Things keep changing, and if you are not taking your continuous education seriously, you will quickly become irrelevant.

Steve recommends doing so by making education an integral part of your weekly routine.

“Make podcasts and certifications a part of your weekly routine.”

Staying on top of certifications through Hubspot and other online marketing courses, and keeping up with the latest marketing podcasts and articles, are great ways to stay current.

There are tons of digital marketing courses online that are always being updated, which makes it easy to stay current in the field.

Steve recommends that you “Commit to about six hours of active learning each week.”


There are huge changes happening in the way content is being produced, and one large way is AI marketing and technology.

As a part of your continuous education, Steve also recommends visiting trade shows and talking to people at booths. Doing so is a great way to understand the rise of AI and machine learning marketing.


  • Demand generation encompasses every part of the marketing process, from leads to sales.
  • Digital marketing today has to be collaborative.
  • To stay relevant, never stop learning.


  • Devote about six hours a week to continuous learning.
  • Reverse engineer your sales to discover what kind of demand generation you should be doing.
  • Be sure to keep up digital marketing automation.


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