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If you’re seeking new leads for your business, look no further than Facebook. With billions of users worldwide, the social media platform doubles as an interactive consumer database. The average Facebook profile openly advertises the account owner’s personal interests, the people, places, and things they like and interact with, and a variety of clues that may predict a Facebook user’s shopping preferences.

Embracing its potential as a marketing tool, Facebook Ads provides marketers with the ability to post and track ads, re-target select consumers from previous ad campaigns, identify similar audiences, and more to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of paid campaigns.

Still, as a marketer, it is important to keep in mind that most Facebook users visit the site primarily for personal and social reasons and not with the intention to shop. For this reason, Facebook Ads marketing requires a different set of tactics. Entrepreneur and Facebook Ads genius, Kevin Koskella, shares his Facebook Ads tips for converting leads on Facebook.

Kevin’s 6 Expert Facebook Ads Tips

1. Find Your Niche Audience

Don’t waste your budget on advertising to disinterested consumers. Without the right audience, it will be difficult to make meaningful conversions without overspending. To remedy poorly targeted advertising, Kevin suggests marketers make use of Facebook Ads tools like filtering by multiple interests.

Profiles indicating interests that overlap with your industry are more likely to convert than those that do not specify. The more overlapping interests a profile has, the more appropriate they may be as a lead. Consider sharing your Facebook Ads with audiences that share multiple industry-related interests.

2. Offer Something For Free

Avoid jumping straight into a sales pitch. Instead, Kevin recommends offering something of value in the encounter to pique interest and curiosity. You may offer a free service trial or product sample with the stipulation that consumers must provide an e-mail address and opt-in to marketing newsletters before receiving their free materials.

3. A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words

Today, the internet is saturated with advertisements and, to make an impact on conversions, an ad needs to be eye-catching and interesting to the surrounding audience. One of Kevin’s Facebook Ads tips is to focus on the images used in your ads. He claims faces grab attention more often than scenery, backgrounds, or patterns.

Kevin also recommends that marketers get creative with their use of text. Facebook currently allows up to 20% of the ad to be filled with text. The key is to strike a balance between the image and text that compels audiences to the call to action.

4. Avoid Ad Burnout

Just as consumers grow tired of viewing the same television commercials for months on end, re-using imagery, copy, or other design elements in your Facebook Ads can cause your campaign to go stale.

One of Kevin’s Facebook Ads tips is to avoid using any given graphic, layout, or design more than 3 times.

5. Use The Right Tools

Facebook Ads provides marketers with a variety of tools for zeroing in on the proper audiences and tracking campaign progress. In addition to Facebook Ads, Kevin recommends using supplementary tools like Adespresso. These analytics platforms allow marketers to view and track ad campaign statistics and adjust strategy as needed.

6. Don’t Give Up Too Early

The most important of Kevin’s Facebook Ads tips is that marketers should give the platform a fair trial before giving up. Start out with smaller, easy-to-manage budgets, and play around with Facebook Ads for a while. Try to understand the ins and outs of Facebook Ads before outsourcing tasks because Facebook Ads strategies and tactics should be tailored uniquely to fit the audience you are marketing to.

Facebook Ads Tips for B2B and B2C

According to Kevin, Facebook advertising can work for both B2B and B2C, depending on how much effort and money you are willing to invest. That is, while B2B marketing on Facebook is possible, achieving meaningful results requires the adoption of different strategies and tactics and may require a longer sales funnel.

Overall, Kevin’s Facebook Ads tips are best suited for B2C advertising using cold leads. His suggestions may help you increase organic site traffic or even make sales.


  • Since most Facebook users do not join the social media community with intentions of shopping, marketing through Facebook Ads can be challenging.
  • For a Facebook Ad campaign to succeed, ad material must be eye-catching and make an enticing offer.
  • You can identify and target the niche audiences on Facebook likely to be more receptive to your advertising by using Facebook Ads tools such as interests, lookalike audiences lists, and lookalike customers lists.


  • Getting started with Facebook Ads can seem overwhelming at first, so start with a restricted budget as you experiment and get to know the platform.
  • Re-target audiences that interacted with your Facebook Ad to move them further down your sales funnel.
  • If you know the proper strategies, using Facebook Ads can help redirect potential customers to your site.


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