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Why would anyone want to be a podcast guest?

Well, according to the CEO of Kansas City Website Design and SEO, Phil Singleton, podcast guesting is one of the most efficient and cost-effective tactics for achieving SEO and marketing gains. That is, compared to more commonly employed link-building and lead-generation strategies, podcast guesting has typically required less effort in order to achieve meaningful results.

Be a Podcast Guest and Reap the Benefits

Phil Singleton has been featured as a guest in over 100 different podcast interviews this past year, alone. His extensive experience sharing his knowledge as a guest expert on various podcasts has allowed him to refine his general process.

Phil originally wanted to be a podcast guest as a way of ‘testing the water’ before creating his own production. Appearing on his first show was simple for Phil. He sat in his usual office, at his regular chair, and comfortably shared his expertise with Kim Doyal and her listeners.

With the interview out of the way, Phil was not sure what to expect. However, it soon became clear that filming the interview would be the easiest step to finishing Kim’s podcast. Kim and her team worked to have graphics made, organized the appropriate backlinks, and prepared clips to promote through social media.

Phil was stunned. Even though he was not directly involved in the post-production hustle, Phil realized he would reap many of the same benefits, just for appearing as an expert on her show.

Seeking a way to help out and achieve even more value, Phil suggested writing up a long-form blog post to accompany the podcast. Phil realized that he could gain a lot of value if he could be a guest on a podcast and then reciprocate by aiding with marketing efforts.

How to Find Podcasts Looking for Guests (and Be Featured!)

Even with 100s of episodes of experience behind him, Phil believes anybody could be a guest on a podcast. Currently, Phil enjoys the help of his team of bookers to set appointments and find podcasts looking for guests. Still, the process of becoming a podcast guest does not require specialized skills or talent.

Phil has a few tips for those wondering how to find podcasts looking for guests:

1. Identify What Shows You Would Like to Be On

You cannot be a guest on a podcast without knowing what shows are out there. Just conducting internet research is a good way to find podcasts looking for guests. Phil suggests rifling through iTunes and other sites with broad podcast libraries available.

When researching podcasts, consider what industries and niches are addressed. Phil explains how in this case, maintaining a very narrow niche may limit your opportunity. Broaden your scope and consider appearing as a guest on general business podcasts as a niche expert.

2. Build A Database of Opportunities

Once you have an idea of what shows might be a good fit for the information you have to share, it is time to create a database. You may need to continue your research in order to locate the proper contact information and process for submission for each show.

3. Create A One-Sheet

Like a resume, your one-sheet should showcase some of your greatest achievements and talents. However, the one-sheet needs to be concise and simple for your podcast host to read.

Make it easy for the podcast host to determine whether or not a collaboration will be possible by introducing yourself with a headshot and including useful information such as sample questions you have answered in the past, sample topics you would feel comfortable discussing in the future, and possibly positive client reviews.

4. Begin Outreach

Outreach is a skill that can be trained over time with practice. Phil has had plenty of experience with outreach and recommends creating personalized requests that communicate how you intend to add value to the host or company’s brand by being a guest on their podcast.

Phil’s skilled outreach specialists land a deal about 1 out of every 5 times. Still, outreach itself requires little work, and, unlike the case of pitching a guest blog post, at the time the request is made no time has been lost or effort spent.

5. Interview and Marketing

Interviewing is simple–you share knowledge that you have already learned from the comfort of your desk chair. One reason Phil has been invited as a guest on so many podcasts is that he also works to promote and market the episode, benefitting mutually with the host, their podcast, and their brand.

If you want to be a guest on a podcast, it is definitely worth your time to promote and market the episode and show.

You do not need to book yourself onto 100 different podcasts to enjoy the benefits of podcast guesting. For those interested in gaining backlinks, finding new leads, and making meaningful business connections, it may be worthwhile to look into podcast guesting.


  • Gain backlinks, new leads, and make meaningful business connections by sharing your expertise and industry knowledge as a podcast guest
  • Podcast guesting requires less time and effort than traditional link-building and lead-generation strategies
  • Considering slightly broader niches may help you find more podcast guesting opportunities


  • Regardless of industry or professional background, anyone can benefit from podcast guesting
  • Podcast guesting is a low-cost and efficient way to earn backlinks, make connections, and gain new leads
  • Guest posting is simple enough to do it yourself, but a team of appointment bookers or outreach specialists may help you scale over time


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