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In the world of Digital Marketing, it can be easy to forget that the primary reason businesses sell products is to help solve problems for their consumers. On today’s episode of the Sure Oak Podcast, Tom Casano chats with Ed Zaloga from Responsify about why marketing should be seen less as a business to business activity and more human to human.


H2H marketing is human-centered marketing and sales.

It gets away from marketing that is disruptive and unhelpful to people and focuses on establishing usefulness.

Ed wanted to find a way to engage with people more in a way they enjoy instead of disrupting and annoying them.

He now helps businesses empathize with and relate to their customers.


Ed says that he and his team work to identify who the ideal customer is that they are targeting. They then focus on trying to understand and tap into what their primary challenges, goals and responsibilities are, and how those relate to the solution the business can provide.

With that understanding, they are better equipped to help those customers find the solutions they need in an organic way.


Go out and speak with people.

For a long time, marketers did everything from behind closed doors. But if you can meet people and have real conversations, you’ll be more able to interact with customers and see how they react to things.

It’s always better to ask open ended questions instead of trying to get data from surveys where the possible answers have already been laid out.

Find out what their challenges are and what solutions you can create to solve them.

Once you know this, you can align your campaign, including your SEO, around these real scenarios.

Try to speak with at least 3-5 people per persona you are trying to create.

By engaging in this process, Ed realized how much he loves interacting with and helping people.

“It makes marketing fun.”


  • Build lasting relationships with your customers.
  • Interviews are always better than surveys.
  • Find out what their challenges are that you can create solutions for.


  • Human to human connection makes marketing fun!
  • Market to customers in a way that isn’t disruptive.
  • Be sure to interview a variety of people before creating a profile.


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