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LinkedIn is a tool we all use to build our networks, but are you using it to its fullest potential? In this episode of the Sure Oak Podcast, Tom Casano talks with Deepak Shukla of Pearl Lemon on how you can use your LinkedIn profile to generate leads and turn them into business.


LinkedIn Generation is the process of finding people through the platform who are interested in spending money on your business. It can be done for both B2B and B2C businesses.


There is an opportunity on LinkedIn to fill out your profile to the fullest, so you can utilize the platform to the fullest.

“If I’m going to spend three or 4,000 dollars with you every month, I’m going to read your entire LinkedIn profile.”

That means you should not just copy something from your LinkedIn resume into your summary and cut corners. Take the time to fill out every part of your profile, from your interests to your summary, so potential leads will know who you are.


The LinkedIn search algorithm is just a simpler version of Google’s algorithm.

Use this to your advantage to optimize keywords you want to be found for.

In Deepak’s case, that’s SEO and Lead Generation.  (Learn about solar lead generation here.)

This is even a great way to develop inbound business from LinkedIn.


Have a nice picture.

Be sure you’re smiling and looking straight ahead.

A lot of people don’t smile in their LinkedIn photos, but according to Deepak, it’s important to show your personality in your profile photo.

For your cover photo, Deepak encourages you to use it as a way to show what your profile is all about. It’s the perfect place to put a call to action.

His says, “We do SEO really, really well.”


Have content that goes out on your page on a daily basis.

It sounds easy enough, but people often lack the time, inspiration, and by extension, the content.

Here are Deepak’s solutions:

  1. Time: Save time by front loading content (write 70 status updates at once.)
  2. Inspiration: Google examples of LinkedIn status updates
  3. Content: Now you have the content you need.

There are dozens of great Linkedin automation tools to use to dock your statuses if you want them to go out automatically.

This way, you will stay on the top of people’s news feeds, you will drive traffic to your pages, and you will even gain more connections.

Also remember, it takes time. Don’t become disappointed after 15 days if things haven’t yet come together. Keep working at it, and you’ll be guaranteed to see results before you know it.


  • Utilize your profile to the fullest.
  • Be sure you post a friendly, high-quality photo of you as your LinkedIn profile picture.
  • Your cover photo is the perfect space for a call to action.


  • LinkedIn’s algorithm is a simpler version of Google’s.
  • Optimize your profile with the keywords that define your business.
  • Never stop your outreach!


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