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Introducing a new company podcast may sound like a daunting challenge, but according to Simon Thompson, CEO of podcasting service provider, Content Kite, it may be key in gaining meaningful business connections.

How To Start A Podcast

At its core, setting up your new podcast really only requires some type of podcasting microphone. However, much like a website, a variety of separate elements go into making a podcast, and more advanced designs may require more time and skill to create.

As Simon explains, the difficulty level of setting up a podcast depends “on how much effort you want to put into it, how big you want to make it, how professional you want it to sound.” NPR may invest more time and money to produce their narrative podcasts, but you don’t need to adopt an intricate or costly podcast structure to enjoy the benefits of podcasting.

In fact, according to Simon’s statistics, your business is likely better off with a basic podcast than with a souped-up blog. For one thing, podcast listenership is on the rise, and trends do not show any signs of slowing.

With more people regularly subscribing to podcasts, marketers have begun to recognize podcasting as an effectiveness method for introducing their brands and services to large pools of potential customers.

Podcasts have also been demonstrated to be more engaging than other forms of content sharing. This may be due in part to the personability of hearing a speaker’s voice over reading content mentally.

Also, Simon pointed out, today there a hundreds of billions of websites, and even more blog posts than that competing for readership. In contrast, there are currently only hundreds of millions of podcasts competing for listenership. With few barriers to entry and less competition, why wouldn’t your brand launch its own podcast

The Main Benefits Of Podcast Production

Podcasting may appear to be a form of content marketing, but the benefits of starting your own podcast production go far beyond that. According to Simon, podcasts do help with content marketing, but brands should focus more on the other hidden benefit: finding business connections.

You probably aren’t going to make many business friends emailing a blog post link around. However, it turns out you probably will make some connections by inviting guest speakers onto your podcast production. Reach out to potential partners and industry influencers with the opportunity to interview on and gain exposure from your podcast.

By offering collaborators something valuable, such as brand exposure, it is not only likely that they will join you to create a podcast episode, you will also have established a business relationship with potential to boost your own brand. It’s a classic win-win situation.

Simon further breaks down how you may find new customers in your listeners, but you can build partnerships with podcast guests, or team up with industry influencers to give your company more credibility and authority. Bottom line, do not hesitate to reach out to others with sound reputations in the industry. Even if you miss, you may end up with a referral.

Podcasting Tips: Put Your Listeners First

While your new podcast is sure to benefit your business, please don’t forget to provide value to the listeners too! “Always, always, always the listener has to be first”, Simon reminds, “for someone to make it onto your ideal guest list, they first have to meet your listener requirements. So the first requirement is: do they have something valuable to offer the listeners?” After all, your listeners could soon become your customers.

Once you have determined that a competitor or industry influencer might be a good fit for your audience, you can start introducing yourself. Podcasts provide an easy and cost-free opportunity for brands to gain exposure, and many guests will not turn you down. Still, it is important to avoid jumping directly into a sales pitch with any guests. Get to know your podcast guests and really build a relationship.

Today, many industries are highly competitive, and it is no longer enough for businesses to differentiate themselves based solely on the services they provide. Instead, companies often use content marketing and credibility to stand out. Content marketing shows consumers a friendly and helpful side of the brand that entices them to purchase their goods or services with an expectation for quality.

Credibility, such as proudly sharing the names of large or well-known clients, often causes consumers to believe that one brand may be more capable than another. With podcasting there is an added element of personality that can help sway consumer views. Since you and your brand’s personalities cannot be copied, marketing with a podcast is sure to set your company apart from the rest.

The Steps of Podcast Production

So, you’re ready to set up podcast production? There are a few must-have elements for every podcast, Simon says, including a visual identity, audio bumpers, an intro scene, an outro scene, any featured artwork, background music, and sometimes voiceover. These elements make up the “house” for your content to sit in and should stay consistent from episode-to-episode. Simon also mentions that businesses can create templates for their podcast productions in order to reduce the amount of time spent creating each episode.

Depending on the level of sophistication you are aiming to achieve, podcast production times vary. Furthermore, many businesses choose to outsource the technical production steps, such as editing audio, to specialists. No matter what your budget or time frame, finding your production time is a matter of practice. According to Simon, podcast production can take anywhere from 2-6 hours a week.


  • Without great time or financial investment, your business can gain new prospects, partners, and influencers through your podcast
  • Podcasts as a marketing tool are less competitive than other media and show higher rates of engagement
  • Always put your listeners first and provide them with as much value as you can


  • Learn more about how podcasting can boost your company’s marketing and gain business connections
  • Podcasting does not need to be a technical or involved process
  • Podcasts connect businesses with prospects, partners, and influencers better than other media.


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