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Backlinks are still an important SEO technique, but some backlink tactics are past their prime. And how many backlinks do you really need? Sometimes, less is more. This week, Tom chats with Bestselling SEO author Tim Cameron-Kitchen from Exposure Ninja about the new and improved ways to acquire quality backlinks.


A lot of old strategies are certainly past their day, but link building is still important.

It’s not as easy as it used to be to get high quality links, which makes it all the more critical and worthwhile. These high quality links will boost your domain authority, a key SEO ranking factor. Discover your website’s Domain Authority here.

With that said, just how many links do you need?

If you can get a few good quality links, you are usually in a good place.

If you are getting three links a month over the course of a few months, you are doing well. You don’t need to have hundreds of great links to succeed.


Tim’s first tip for getting quality backlinks is to communicate directly with the journalists who write for the major media sources you want backlinks from.

If you are a writer of Forbes or another big news source, you will needs lots of quotes and sources. Instead of simply doing research for every article they have to write, many journalists will create requests online that others can respond to. If a journalist is looking for a link or quote that you can provide, reach out to them; you will have a great chance of being featured. Learn how to write for Forbes on our other blog post with Josh Steimle.


The answer used to be much more complicated. There used to be special forums journalists would use to find their sources. Now it’s much easier.

Increasingly, most of these journalists are on Twitter and are tweeting out when they need quotes.

If you are looking to connect with journalists, look no further than your own twitter account. Find journalists who are writing for the publications you want backlinks from or are writing about your area of expertise.

Tim Cameron encourages you not to be scared of being underqualified.

“Literally, you could have links from some of the highest authority websites in 24 hours if you just go and do it. So go do that.”

Not sure how to start? Sure Oak offers tested and trusted link building services, including specific .edu campaigns.


Another great way to gain backlinks is to create content that big media publications want. Tim does this through creating surveys that can be used in appealing articles.

There are three ways to acquire this data.

The simple way:

Use something like google surveys.

When you have to take a small survey before a Youtube video, that’s a Google survey. Setting one up is a quick and simple way to gather data.

It’s pretty cheap to do and you will get some good data.

The less easy way:

Have a survey created through a credible third party source. They end up being pretty expensive. And while the results may be a little boring, they are peer reviewed and well done.

The super easy way:

Look for surveys that have already been done that give interesting data. In the UK, they have the office of national statistics. They have a website full of interesting, peer reviewed surveys that no one is using. Check out some free surveys and then create a newsworthy article that will have your work shared in some interesting places.


  • If you are consistently getting around 3 backlinks a month, you are doing great.
  • Target the media outlets best suited for your niche.
  • Don’t be afraid to respond to inbound journalism requests.


  • Backlinking is still important.
  • Don’t be scared of being underqualified.
  • Twitter is the best place to connect with journalists.


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