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In this episode of the Sure Oak podcast, Tom speaks with podcast pro, James Carbary. James is the founder of Sweetfish Media, a podcast agency for B2B brands, and co-host of the B2B Growth Show: a daily podcast dedicated to helping B2B marketers achieve explosive growth. They discuss how having your ideal clients as guests on your show can result in better customer relationships and a growth in sales.


James says that people want to brand their show around themselves or their expertise.

“If they know a lot of AI, they want to make an AI podcast.”

That’s okay if you already have a huge following. That could work because you could turn those listeners into buyers.

However, that is not the case for most of us out there, and that is why you have to change your mindset about your podcast. The change in your mindset is to not brand the show around yourself but your ideal buyer. That way, you can build relationships with customers you would otherwise never have.

You should focus on making and promoting your podcast work from a business development perspective.


When you interview your ideal buyers on your podcast, you are learning from your peers.

In reference to James’s daily podcast, he says, “Since we have featured so many VPs and CMOs on the podcast, the people listening are also VPs and CMOs.”

Because his guests are also his listeners, he is gaining potential buyers in two ways. He is building a personal relationship and starting conversations with his podcast guests, and he is also allowing his listeners to get to know him as well.

“People buy from people they know, like, and trust.”


“The more granular the content the better the show.”

If you ask your guests to come up with a topic that is something they have been thinking about lately or something they have been struggling with, that is the greatest content.


“There’s a difference in getting an audience and getting buyers.”

You don’t want untargeted listeners.

If you have an audience of 200,000 listeners, but none of them are your ideal customers, your podcast is not doing you any good. However, if you have only a few listeners who are perfect potential customers, that is far better.

You want to be reaching your niche buyers.

James uses this illustration:

If you’re a pipe salesman, and you have a niche podcast to reach pipe manufacturers, and you only have 100 listeners, but they are all pipe manufacturers, then you are doing great. You should have enough to acquire podcast sponsorship, and you will also be cultivating the right relationships to make sales.


James shares on the podcast that he used to wait for months before attempting to makes a sale with his podcast guests. He did not want to come across as too forward or come across like he was “baiting and switching.”

He still believes that you should never push a sales conversation.

“Let it happen organically.”

However, having a short, organic conversation about your product or service after the podcast interview is over is not crossing any lines.

“You are adding value to them by having them on the show. Have a five-minute conversation about what you do if they are up for it.”

Your services will be fresh on their minds, and since you have just added value to them, they will typically be more than happy to discuss your business for a while.


  • Focus your podcast on your ideal customer, not your brand or expertise.
  • Organical, granular content is best to niche podcasts. Let your guests choose the topics.
  • Don’t be afraid to make a sale soon after the podcast.


  • Be patient. It doesn’t happen overnight. You will learn a lot just by doing it, sticking with it, and being patient. Stay consistent, don’t expect super fast results.
  • “People buy from people they know, like, and trust.” Use your podcast to build relationships and, by extension, sales.
  • Focus on your niche. It doesn’t matter how many listeners you have if they are not your prospective clients.


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