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What are Superfans?

Everybody is a superfan of something, including you. But your superfan status didn’t happen overnight. You became a fan after multiple moments and interactions with your favorite brand, person, or idea.

Unfortunately, too many businesses focus the majority of their efforts on nurturing leads in the beginning of the marketing funnel. While this is important, it’s more critical to pay attention to the experience people have once they become customers. If you aren’t creating moments that bring them further toward becoming superfans, Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income says you’re missing out on some incredible business opportunities.

In fact, you don’t even need very many superfans to see results. Just 1,000 fans can do amazing things for the growth of your business and brand. These fans are critical to growth because they market your brand without any payment and bring new, warm leads into your brand.

To help you turn more of your customers into superfans, we asked Pat Flynn for his tips on taking customers from passive investors to engaged superfans.

Here’s what he had to say.

How to Take People to Superfan Status

In 2007, Kevin Kelly wrote an essay explaining the value of superfans for your business. Although the essay was great, Pat felt it didn’t work well as a “how to” guide for creating superfans. That’s why Pat wrote his new book, called Superfans: The Easy Way to Stand Out, Grow Your Tribe, and Build a Successful Business, which functions as the guide that essay was not.

So what, exactly, can you do to take your customers to superfan status? There are two main actions you can take.

Be Human

Showing your personality as part of your brand can go a long way toward establishing a solid relationship with your customers. People want to do business with other people, not faceless companies. Simply put, business is now about P2P (person-to-person) contact rather than B2B or B2C. If you want to see success, it requires personality and relatability.

Offer Quick Wins

Quick wins make people more likely to invest more heavily in a product or brand. If you want to change someone’s life with your product, you have to start off by changing their day. This is where it becomes important to interact with your customers and get to know their needs. If you can satisfy some of those needs quickly, they’ll be more likely to become superfans and promote your business to others.

Utilize Superfans and Grow Your Business

Once you’ve brought some customers further up the ladder toward becoming superfans, it’s critical to give them a community to engage with. If you’re passionate about something, you want someone to share it with. Communities like online forums, special pages on your website, meetups, workshops, and conferences give your fans the opportunity to engage with one another and experience more of those touches we mentioned earlier. This, in turn, elevates your brand.

Remember, the more positive touches customers have with your business, the more likely they will be to become superfans.

It’s also important to maintain this sense of community no matter how much your business grows. In the beginning, you can give your business an advantage over larger corporations by answering every instance of outreach from your customers. And if you hire a team to keep that up as you grow, your superfans will continue to be passionate about your brand and bring more revenue into your business.

Help Your Business with Superfans

It’s never too late to convert passive customers into superfans. All it takes is some individuality, personality, and a focus on satisfying the needs of the individual. If you can keep all of these in mind as you engage with customers throughout the funnel, you’ll be well on your way to seeing the business growth you’re looking for.


  • Business is about person-to-person connections, not B2B or B2C anymore.
  • You don’t need very many superfans to see a significant improvement in your business.
  • No matter how much your business grows, make sure you remember your individual customers.


  • When your business is just starting out, it’s the perfect opportunity to answer every email, comment, and form of outreach from customers.
  • People invest in a business for the product or service, but they stay for the community that business provides.
  • Quick wins are the key to bringing customers deeper into your brand.


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