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YouTube offers seemingly endless opportunities for video content creation and publishing, and now more than ever, users are interested in seeing this type of content online. But how do you stand out among the noise and how do you get your YouTube content to work for you? If you’re a business owner trying to make your mark online and appeal to more users and consumers, YouTube can prove to be a serious game-changer.

In this episode, Nate from Be the Hero helps us understand what you can do to help turn your video content into the ultimate lead generation tool for your business.

The Value of Specific Keyword Research

Before you start creating content, it’s essential to understand what your audience wants to watch. You may have tons of ideas about the content you’d like to create, and keyword research helps ground and refine those ideas with real-world data about users’ search interests. Using online tools, such as SEMrush (as specifically cited by Nate), can help you hone in on specific and valuable information about what kind of content you can use to populate your YouTube channel.

But don’t be blinded by big numbers. Keywords with significant search volume – or online interest from users – are likely what every business is going after. If you’re just starting your YouTube channel or trying to get ahead, you may all too easily get lost in the chatter by going after high-volume keywords. Instead, Nate advises business owners and marketers to look for a smaller pond, where they can be the big fish.

Look for specific search queries that may have far less volume but which will be highly relevant to that group of individuals. By appealing directly to nuanced questions, you can position your content in front of users who are more likely to click on your videos and watch them until the end – an important metric for ranking on YouTube as well as overall SEO performance.

Making the Jump from Content Production to Lead Generation

Developing and publishing great content is just the beginning of turning your YouTube channel into a lead-generation gold mine. Building a following and a community by posting content that appeals to them is the foundation of future lead generation. At the end of each video, it’s important to have a call to action – much like you would add to a website or a landing page. Nate suggests prompts to download digital assets, such as ebooks or online courses.

Have a Powerful Lead Magnet

Now that your user base feels familiar with you, they’re more likely to continue the interaction by consuming additional content, specifically the digital assets mentioned above. To build your list of leads, be sure to include a contact form or a landing page with a sign-up prompt so you can re-market to these individuals later. As your following continues to grow and as users watch your YouTube content, this list of warm leads will continue to gain steam.

Build Community, Momentum, and Continued Lead Generation

Building momentum and a community help create a well of leads that keeps giving. While you may have a break-neck content production pace, in the beginning, you will be able to slow production after the first year as new users continue to find and engage with your existing content. However, you don’t need to burn the candle at both ends. Use keyword research tools to collect a year’s worth of topics ahead of time, so you can plan your content calendar into the future.

It may seem like a while before you can relax a bit, but this first year of development is an essential part of building a community around your videos and YouTube content, especially since your following will be accumulated from specific keyword research that directly appeals to them. After a year of diligently targeting long-tail keywords, you can enjoy greater rankings and visibility for those more generic and competitive terms.

Key Insights

  • Do your keyword research before you film
  • Find the questions people are asking
  • Pick a specific topic to hone-in on
  • Film multiple episodes at a time and roll out publishing
  • Provide digital assets to bolster the list of leads and re-marketing efforts

Nate’s Takeaways

  • Your smartphone can get you started easily; you don’t need fancy equipment
  • YouTube content can offer better results and lead generation opportunities than traditional website content
  • Competitors are likely ignoring specific, long-tail keywords
  • Listen to your audience and make sure you’re targeting the content that most appeals to them

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