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Grow your consumer packaged goods company organically with CPG SEO services. Our team can help you rise in the SERPs so your products appear wherever your customers are searching for them.

SEO for the CPG Industry

If you’re in the business of consumer packaged goods, search engine optimization is necessary if you want to stand out from your competition. When used effectively, SEO can help you dominate the search engine results pages so your business site is at the top when potential customers are searching for your products or branded terms. But the trouble is, SEO for the CPG industry is challenging to execute.

Partnering with Sure Oak for CPG SEO services instantly gives you a team of experts with over 20 years of experience on your side. We’ve developed customized SEO strategies for hundreds of CPG and ecommerce clients, and we’re known for the exceptional results we earn for our clients. When you choose our CPG SEO services, we’ll handle everything from a content strategy and keyword research through on-page optimization and link building services. Whether you’re selling food products, household cleaners, or cosmetics, we’ll find a strategy that works for you.

Thorough Keyword Research & Targeting

Our approach to SEO for CPG industry clients begins with thorough keyword research. Targeting the right mix of keywords is the best way to capture potential customers throughout the sales journey. Our CPG SEO experts will analyze thousands of keywords to create a customized keyword strategy based on your business needs and goals. This will include a mix of keywords that help you rank higher for the types of products you sell but also the branded terms associated with your company.

We know that keywords aren’t all created equal. Our 360 degree analysis of potential keywords weighs their relevancy, search intent, competition, and how well they target your audience. We also examine the key terms that your website is already ranking for and any terms that are within striking distance of the first page of the SERPs. Once we have the data, we’ll create a keyword map. This optimizes how many keywords your website will rank for by dividing them up between relevant pages. We’ll pair conversion keywords with product pages so customers find them when they’re ready to make a purchase and use brand-related terms on pages higher in the funnel. Our goal is to help you rank for as many terms as possible in order to increase your traffic and conversions.

Targeted Content Strategy

After we’ve identified the keywords to target, we’ll create a customized content strategy for your business. Consumer packaged goods marketing typically needs a mix of blog posts, product page optimization, and other content that’s specific to your niche. As part of our CPG SEO services, we’ll analyze your competition and the businesses that rank highly in the SERPs to determine what type of content they’re using. Then we’ll incorporate the best parts into your content strategy.

Once the content strategy is nailed down, the creation begins. Our SEO copywriters are experts at blending keyword strategy and search intent with your brand voice. The content we create for you will bring value to your audience and perform well in search engines.

Actionable Competitor Analysis

Understanding what your competitors are doing provides invaluable insights into what tactics work. While you might know which companies are your direct competitors, your search competition within the consumer packaged goods  industry may be different. The companies that appear on the first page of the SERPs for targeted keywords and branded searches are your competitors. You need to beat them if you’re going to rank within the top ten search results. 

Our SEO for CPG industry experts will do a deep dive into the competitor’s sites who are consistently beating you in search rankings. During our competitor analysis we’ll uncover the keywords they rank for, a content audit of their sites, estimated organic traffic and much more.

In-Depth On-Page Optimization

As part of our CPG SEO services, we’ll perform in-depth on-page optimization. There are several on-page ranking factors that affect your organic visibility and traffic. Our team will look at them all to ensure that your website has the best chance to appear on the first page of the SERPs.

With many product pages, on-page optimization is a cornerstone for SEO for CPG industry sites. We’ll analyze each product page’s content quality, content density, title tag, meta description, use of headers, internal linking structure, and more. Then we’ll adjust on-page content to create a more user friendly experience, include keywords, and ensure that the pages match search intent.

Expert Technical SEO Analysis

Just when you thought that the on-page ranking factors were difficult to keep track of, don’t forget about the technical SEO factors. Our SEO experts will look under the hood of your company’s site and check to make sure that everything is working as it should. When we find opportunities to improve your site’s performance, we’ll make the changes so you can see your rankings improve.

Technical SEO optimization strategies for CPG companies tend to focus on schema markup. This helps content from your website appear in the rich snippets of Google search results. These are boxes at the top of the page answers to questions, recipes, reviews, and shopping links. By adding schema markup, we help Google get a better understanding of the products you offer. This increases the likelihood that your products will appear in rich snippets.

Premium Link Building Services

Link building is complicated to pull off, but it can make the difference between appearing on the tenth page of the search results and the first page. By earning high-quality links to your website, you signal to Google and other search engines that your site is valuable, trustworthy, and authoritative. The more links you have, the more popular your site will seem. This will give you priority over other, less authoritative sites.

It sounds easy, but link building is one of the most challenging CPG SEO strategies to pull off. It’s both time consuming and requires a special expertise. That’s where we come in. Sure Oak is known throughout the industry for our proprietary approach to link building. We’ve cultivated a network of connections that we use to get out clients the kinds of links they can’t find anywhere else.

Increase Your Organic Traffic with Sure Oak’s CPG SEO Services

How Sure Oak Can Help CPG Brands Succeed

Investing in professional CPG SEO services is a big decision. You want to be sure that you’re getting a strong return on investment. When you choose Sure Oak, you’re partnering with an award-winning SEO and digital marketing agency. During our partnership, your business goals will become our goals. And our team will go above and beyond to help you achieve them.

CPG SEO Marketing FAQs

SEO for CPG industry clients is similar to traditional SEO, but there are some key differences. One of the main differences is the types of keywords that we target. Because consumer packaged goods companies are selling products, your keyword strategy should focus on long-tail, conversion keywords. You want to capture customers when they are ready to make a purchase. This space is highly competitive and requires next-level content strategy in order to dominate the SERPs.

The approach to technical SEO differs, too. In order to make it more likely for your content to appear in rich snippets, we focus on schema markup. This can be especially useful for recipes, shopping links, and reviews.

Our SEO analysts use a proprietary keyword strategy. We examine thousands of keywords to hone in on the correct mix for each of our clients. Our 360 degree analysis includes checking keywords for their relevance, value, and competitive edge.

If your CPG company sells foods or beverages, recipe SEO is a necessary part of your content strategy. Recipe SEO is an approach that targets recipe related keywords so you appear in rich snippets and rank for more terms. Millions of people search for recipes each day. When your products or brand appears in these recipes, you’re capturing users who are ready to make an ingredient purchase so they can cook the recipe. These are high-value, low funnel searches.

Recipe SEO requires a targeted keyword strategy and schema markup. Though it is complicated, it can be one of the strongest consumer packaged goods marketing strategies when done well.

A site that provides a good user experience ranks better. Our CPG SEO services do include analysis of UX. We’ll check for issues like thin copy, confusing navigation, missing CTAs, and other factors that can cause more friction during a user’s visit to your site. After we’re done, visitors to your site should be able to easily find the information they need and make a purchase.