Keyword Research Services

Keyword research is the foundation of a successful SEO strategy. Our SEO experts uncover and target the keywords that will have the most impact on your organic traffic and conversions through our proprietary keyword research process.

Why Keyword Research is Essential for Your SEO

About 93% of buying decisions begin with an online search. This means that no matter what industry you’re in, from pet food to aerospace, potential customers are searching for keywords related to your business.

If you aren’t appearing in these searches, your business is as good as invisible. You need professional keyword research services to put your company website on the first page of results. At Sure Oak, we do a 360-degree SEO keywords analysis, including:

Our Keyword Research Services Process

At Sure Oak, our search engine optimization is based on extensive keyword research and our proprietary analytical processes prior to starting any SEO campaign. It is the solid bedrock we build upon to achieve optimal results for our clients. Our method has been battle-tested and proven to get massive results.

Client Input

Before we begin our keyword research for SEO, we want to hear from you. You understand your business better than anyone. We need those insights to guide our approach. This is the time to talk to us about what you’re doing well, where you’d like to improve, and who your target market is.

Goal Alignment

Once you partner with Sure Oak, your business goals become our goals. We’ll connect with your team over strategy calls to ensure we’re aligned on the main goals you need to achieve through keyword research services and SEO strategy.

Audience and User-Intent Research

In addition to keyword research, we’ll analyze the people who are searching for these terms and the search intent behind the keywords. Understanding who your customers are and why they’re using certain keywords will inform our keyword strategy. We will pinpoint how to surface your business’s site exactly where your customers are looking.

Keyword Strategy Development

An effective keyword strategy encompasses all aspects of keyword research services. It combines your business goals, the keywords we’ve collected, search intent, keyword mapping, competitor gap analysis, and all the other factors we’ve identified along the way. Here is where we’ll work our magic to create a personalized strategy for your business that will produce incredible results.

SERP Analysis

Our team will analyze the search engine results pages (SERPs) for strategically chosen keywords. We’ll take a deep dive into the pages that are ranking. Analyzing their content, keyword usage, technical SEO and other ranking factors will give us valuable insights on what strategies will help you rise in the search results.

Keyword Identification and Collection

Strategic keywords are the cornerstones of an SEO keyword strategy. Our analysts will compile anywhere from 1,000 to 6,00 keywords, depending on your niche.

We collect keywords from 8-12 different sources, including:

  • Your competitors
  • 3rd party data tools
  • Your own data in Google Search Console & Google Analytics
  • Search engine results page (SERP) landscape
  • Your industry’s data
  • Suggestions and recommendations from Google
  • Validation with our own ideas

Keyword Grouping (Clustering)

Once we have a full list of keywords, the real work begins. Our keyword experts will categorize keywords into separate and targeted groups. This is the most intensive and time-consuming stage of our process. We use our expertise to find you a combination of the right keywords. Here we’ll find every opportunity to target your needs, your goals, and your bottom line.

Keyword grouping sets the foundation of an optimal, ongoing content strategy. The strategy we craft will guide your on-site SEO (content and optimizations) and off-site SEO (link building).

Striking Distance Keyword Analysis

Striking distance keywords are terms that you’re ranking for on the second or third page of Google. Your business is within striking distance of ranking on the first page. We will analyze the striking distance keywords to determine if they’re strategically relevant to your business. If they are, our keyword research company will create a tailored SEO keyword plan to get your business on page one.

Competitor Gap Analysis

A competitor gap analysis is one of our most valuable SEO keyword research services. We’ll analyze some of your major competitors to see what they’re ranking for that you are not. This identifies opportunities for your business to bring in more customers. If you aren’t appearing in these searches, potential customers will only have a choice of your competitors.

Keyword Mapping

After analyzing the keywords, we’ll use keyword mapping to determine which pages should correlate with which keywords. This creates a logical structure for your website, simplifies internal linking and anchor text, and makes it easier to track performance. Plus, targeting specific keywords on specific pages will help you achieve your ranking goals faster.

Content Brief Development

We create content briefs for refreshing existing content and creating new content. These briefs will give your team specific keywords to focus on, recommended titles and headers, and recommended content to create in order to fill content gaps.

Rank for keywords that bring high-value visitors

Keywords for Every Business Goal

When you choose our keyword research agency, your business goals become our business goals. No matter what you need, the team at Sure Oak will tailor our SEO keyword research service to your unique goals.

High-Intent, Conversion-Focused Keywords

Understanding search intent is a key part of keyword research. We analyze thousands of terms that people are searching for in your industry and determine what keywords they use when they’re ready to convert. By targeting these high-intent, conversion-focused keywords, we’ll drive prospects to your website when they’re ready to make a purchase.

Long-Tail, Less Competitive Keywords

Long-tail keywords are search terms that are longer and more specific. These terms are less competitive than short, head terms. It can be incredibly difficult to rank on the first page for head terms, especially if your website is new or needs to improve domain authority. Going after several long-tail keywords first is a faster, more effective strategy to drive traffic, improve site visibility and increase conversions.

Studies show that long-tail keywords make up 70% of Google searches. Our SEO keywords analysis will uncover hidden opportunities that your competitors haven’t found yet.

High-Traffic Keywords

High-traffic keywords have the potential to bring thousands of visits to your website. Targeting the right high-traffic keywords is part of a well-rounded SEO keyword strategy. We’ll analyze the search habits of prospects in your industry and zero in on the high-traffic terms that are the right fit for your business goals.

Local and Regional Keywords

Four out of five consumers use a search engine to find businesses near them. We’ll analyze the search volume for keywords in your region. By understanding what local prospects are searching for, we’ll create an SEO plan to increase your visibility in your community. People are searching for local products. If your business appears in those search results, you’ll develop local awareness and brand loyalty.

What Do We Do with Your Keywords?

Our keyword research services go beyond creating a list of relevant keywords for your business. We’ll use the keyword data to create an actionable SEO plan to set your business up for long-term growth. Our keyword research agency will help you:

Update Existing Services and Product Content

We’ll help you update the content on your site with targeted keywords. Long-tail keywords and other high-conversion keywords should be added to your services and product content to capture prospects when they’re ready to convert.

Improve Older Editorial/Blog Articles

We’ll refresh older blog posts and articles on your website with your updated keyword strategy. This will breathe new life into underperforming posts.

Develop New Content

Our keyword service agency will create a content strategy and make content recommendations for your business. Depending on your business needs, we can hand off content briefs to your in-house marketing team or write new content for you.

Expand the Architecture of Your Website

SEO keyword research and analysis will help us find content gaps on your website. We’ll work with you to expand your website in order to meet the search needs of potential customers. Our recommendations will be tailored to your industry and the customer search data.

Why Use a Keyword Research Agency When You Can Use Keyword Research Software?

While keyword research software can provide a list of recommended keywords, its other abilities are limited. As a keyword services agency, we bring years of experience helping businesses in a variety of industries improve their search rankings and website traffic.

Agencies provide keyword research services that go deeper than a list of high-volume terms. The human touch means that we can understand why your prospects are searching for specific terms, uncover hidden opportunities that can increase your search visibility, and analyze your competitors to turn gaps into opportunities for your business. Plus, keyword services agencies provide ongoing support for your company as the search landscape and your business needs change.

SEO keyword research services are investments, whether you use keyword research software or an agency. An agency will get you the most out of your investment and help your business achieve long-term growth.

Why Choose Sure Oak for SEO Keyword Research Services?

Do you know if your webpages are performing to their maximum potential?

Keyword Research Services FAQs

A professional SEO keyword research service agency works with businesses to research and analyze keywords to determine the best SEO strategy for your needs. At Sure Oak, we’ll talk with you about your business goals. Whether it’s being the number one result in Google search, bringing more customers to your site, improving conversions or increasing brand awareness, we’ll tailor our keyword research services to your unique goals.

Our SEO keyword research services include:

  • Keyword collection and analysis
  • Keyword ranking opportunities
  • Competitive keyword gap analysis
  • Keyword page mapping
  • SEO topic research
  • Striking distance keyword analysis
  • On-page keyword recommendations
  • New content creation recommendations

Professional keyword research services can help take your local business to the next level. 83% of shoppers say that they did online research to help them decide where to shop. We’ll research regional search terms and other local search trends to help guide customers to your local business.

When potential customers search for those regional terms, we’ll work to make your business website appear on the first page. This makes it incredibly easy for customers to find your business, helping you increase traffic, conversions and profit. Plus, you’ll improve your brand identity and reach within your community.

Now more than ever, potential customers are searching for products online. About 81% of people do online research before deciding what to buy and who to buy from. If you’re not ranking for the right keywords, your customers won’t be able to find you.

But there’s a lot more to keyword research than finding high volume search terms. Our keyword research services will analyze the search intent behind the keywords your customers are searching for, helping you understand how to capture your customers when they’re ready to convert.

Our keyword analysis includes extensive keyword research, keyword grouping, determining keywords within striking distance, keyword mapping and our own secret sauce that takes your SEO plan to the next level. With our keyword research services, you’ll have a digital marketing strategy you can execute to drive traffic, increase visibility and improve conversions on your site.

We use a variety of professional SEO keyword research and analysis tools to help us create comprehensive SEO strategies for our clients.

Some of the tools we use include:

  • SEMRush
  • Google Adwords
  • Ahrefs
  • Other tools like, and more

While we welcome your insights and expertise about your industry, we don’t recommend doing your own keyword research. SEO is a complex field that’s always changing. Doing your own keyword research will take a lot of time and, without a deep understanding of SEO, won’t boost your organic traffic.

Save your business time, money and stress by hiring professional SEO topic research and keyword research services. At Sure Oak, we’re on the cutting edge of keyword research strategies. We use our proprietary analytical processes to determine the best strategy to bring qualified traffic to your website.