Local Link Building Services

Link building for local businesses is a necessity if you want to improve your organic traffic. We offer local link building services for all sizes and budgets. No matter how competitive your niche is, we’ll earn exceptional backlinks to your website.

Why Your Local Business Needs Link Building

Link building is one of the most important strategies you can take when it comes to local SEO. Websites that are seen as more trustworthy and authoritative by Google and other search engines will rank higher than their competitors in the search engine results pages (SERPs). By earning backlinks from authoritative websites in your industry, you signal to search engines that your content is relevant, valuable, and authoritative.

This is especially true for local businesses. Recent industry studies show that backlinks are necessary when Google weighs who will rank for map pack and local search rankings. And links from other local websites can have a significant impact on local SEO rankings.

But link building is challenging and time consuming. Most small businesses don’t have the team size needed to have resources dedicated specifically to link building and other SEO efforts. When you partner with Sure Oak for our local link building services, you instantly have the support of some of the best link builders in the industry. We’re known for getting our clients the kinds of links they wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else.

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Our Approach to Link Building for Local Businesses

Link building for local businesses can establish your website as the go-to resource for people in your community. Your company can create valuable content about whatever you do best and share that content on other websites. These backlinks will drive more traffic to your website and increase your authority.

We take a holistic approach to link building. Our team of local business link building experts will perform a competitor link analysis, local backlink audit, and local analysis. These steps will give us actionable insights on creating a customized local SEO link building plan for your business.

Competitor Link Analysis

Understanding what your competitors are doing is the first step to beating them in the SERPs. Our white hat link building experts will take a look at the types of links that your competitors are earning and losing as well as what types of content they’re creating in order to earn these links. This thorough analysis will help us pinpoint the strategy that your competitors are using.

As part of our local link building services, we’ll take the parts of their strategies that are worth repeating to improve your company’s link building strategy. Then we’ll find opportunities for links that your competitors haven’t gone after yet to gain authority as quickly as possible. Our link building experts will also help you steal the best links away from your competition so you can get the strongest possible local backlinks.

Backlink Audit

Our experts will do a comprehensive audit of your backlinks as part of our local link building services. We’ll uncover all links that are pointing back to your website. Once we’ve tracked down the backlinks, we’ll examine their quality and relevancy. We’ll keep the backlinks that come from domains with a high authority and help remove toxic links that aren’t serving you. A backlink audit can also find opportunities for new earned links.

Local Analysis

A local link analysis is necessary for all local businesses. We’ll examine your local competition to see what types of local backlinks they’re earning. We’ll also prospect for high-quality local websites, as well as industry-related sites with authority, where we can earn links for your website. Possible options include city-specific sites and directories, local news sites, sites focusing on the state or surrounding areas, local university or government websites, tourism websites, local community sites, and other local business websites.

Toxic Link Management

While getting more links to your local business’s website is an important SEO strategy, some links can actually harm your website. These are called toxic links. Toxic links come from websites that are spammy or use malware, and Google considers them to be low-quality. The company you keep influences your rankings, so the more low-quality websites that link to you the less Google will trust your site.

As part of our local link building services, we’ll identify and disavow toxic links to get rid of them. This will help clean up your backlink profile, improve your SEO rankings, and boost your domain authority.


Regular reporting is as important to link building for local businesses as audits. Reports show you how many links you’ve gained, any links that you lost, where these links are coming from, and other helpful information. Our team of experts will set up reports for you to ensure that you’re tracking these metrics. We’ll also talk with you about the results of these reports and answer any questions you may have.

What Local Link Building Strategies Do We Use?

Our local link building services are tailored to each business. We’ll spend time getting to know you, your goals, and your challenges in order to create a local SEO link building strategy that is unique to you.

We use a range of custom link building strategies that are proven to get results. Our experts will talk with you about our recommendations and help you understand why these strategies will work best for your business. Depending on your goals, we may recommend:

Local Citations & Directory Listings

If your local business website doesn’t appear in local citations and directories, your customers won’t be able to find you. Linking from these spots not only makes it easier to get customers to your website, but they also give you an infusion of link juice. Our link building experts will work with you to make sure you’re appearing in powerhouses like Google My Business (GMB), Yelp and Yellowpages, in addition to more niche local and industry directories.

Local Community Links

Earning more local community links can strengthen your online presence within your community. Our link building SEO agency will prospect for different linking opportunities like government websites, tourism websites, local institutions, and other local websites that can give a huge boost to your SERP rankings. Once we find these opportunities, we will take charge of the outreach and strategy to earn you top-quality local links.

Brand Mentions

If you’re a known brand, you likely have brand name mentions across the internet. We’ll search for any brand mentions that are unlinked and reach out to get backlinks added. The benefit of searching for unlinked brand mentions is that you’ll earn links from pages that are already indexed, reducing the amount of time it will take to see an impact from the links.

Editorial Insertions

Editorial link insertions is when one of our experts adds a link to your website to an existing article or webpage. This local business link building strategy can be more effective than guest posting because the content has already been indexed by Google. This means that your site will get a boost of authority more quickly than it would with entirely new content.

Resource Pages

Resource pages across the internet can be valuable prospects for link building. If your business can offer helpful expertise to users, we’ll reach out to relevant sites and ask them to add a link to your business on their resource page.

General vs. Local SEO Link Building

SEO link building is when websites earn relevant links from other websites that point back to their own site. Many companies invest in contextual link building services in order to optimize the new links earned on a monthly basis. These links come from a wide range of places like unlinked brand mentions, editorial link insertions, guest posts, resource pages, and more. The more high-quality links a website has, the more trustworthy and authoritative it will look to search engines. This helps improve how high they rank.

Link building for local businesses uses the same general concepts as link building for other types of companies with a few key differences. Because your business is using search engine optimization strategies for a certain location or geographical region, you want to earn backlinks that are contextually and locally relevant. This puts a higher emphasis on finding links within your community.

This changes the approach to prospecting for local backlinks. Because you’re targeting a specific region, there will be fewer opportunities to earn links. You’ll need to be more creative with prospecting and outreach tactics to earn links. Incorporating link building from more authoritative, non-local but industry-specific sites can boost your overall results. Our local link building SEO agency knows what it takes to outpace the competition and earn high-quality local links for your business.

Link Building Case Study

We had a client come to us who specializes in installing audio and video equipment in residential and commercial properties in select service areas through the Southeast U.S. We helped them reduce their reliance on paid search by boosting their organic results with a creative approach to content strategy and link building. They saw 100% Increases in Organic Keyword Rankings and Organic Goal Completions

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Link Building Services FAQs

Yes! Sure Oak offers comprehensive local SEO services that will support your search engine optimization efforts. We can customize a local SEO package for your business’s size, industry, and budget. We’ll help you improve your community presence with local SEO audits, content strategy, customer reviews strategy, Google My Business, and many other strategies.

How long it takes to see results from local link building services varies from business to business. The size of your website, the age of your website, your industry, your company’s goals, and several other factors affect when you’ll see the full results. Most of the time, our clients will start seeing results in a few months. But it can take between 6-12 months to see the full benefits of local link building services. Our SEO experts will talk with you about what you can expect during your free strategy session.

Link building for local businesses is a surefire way to improve domain authority, but what is domain authority? Sometimes called DA, domain authority is a score that predicts how well a website will perform in the search engine results. Every website gets a DA score between one and 100. The higher your score, the better your website will perform. Your domain authority is calculated by examining a variety of factors. Backlinks and the linking domains play a large role in your DA.

Yes, we’re a full-service digital marketing agency. We can do a lot more than help with link building for local businesses. 

Sure Oak offers a wide range of SEO services including content creation, keyword research, SEO strategy consulting, technical SEO, and much more. If you’re not sure which services will work the best for your local business, don’t worry. Our SEO experts will guide you to the digital marketing strategies that will have the biggest impact on your organic traffic, rankings, and conversions.