Link Building for a New Website

You invested in a new website and now you need sales. Partnering with Sure Oak to help with link building for a new website will speed up the process of earning quality backlinks for your website, increasing your domain authority, and attracting organic traffic and leads.

Why Your New Website Needs Backlinks!

Starting a new website is a great step forward for your business. You built a website with fresh content, modern images, and a user-friendly design. Once it’s live, you want as many people as possible to see it. Unfortunately, new websites have an uphill battle when it comes to ranking at the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs).

One of the main differences between a new website versus established domains is that a new website starts with a lower domain authority. Domain authority is a score that shows how likely it is for your website to rank on the first page. It factors in the trustworthiness, relevancy, and quality of your website. New websites are still building all of these ranking factors, making it challenging to beat out businesses with established websites. But it can be done!

A comprehensive portfolio of quality backlinks can improve your domain authority, drawing in more organic traffic and increasing your website rankings. We can help with link building for a new website, and our approach is sure to earn the kind of high-quality links that you won’t be able to find elsewhere.

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How is Link Building Different for a New Domain from an Established Domain?

Link building for new websites is a different challenge than getting more backlinks for an established domain. As a new website, you have a lot to prove. It can be more difficult to get prospects to agree to link to your new website. A deep understanding of what your target audience is searching for and a tailored content strategy are necessary to help you earn more links.

Another challenge that new websites face is that they haven’t earned any backlinks, and you’re starting your linking strategy from scratch. Established domains often already have link roots across multiple industry-leading sites. To avoid getting stuck forever playing catch up, professional link builders will prospect for links that you can earn quickly. Once your new website has earned a substantial amount of links, you’ll be much more competitive in the SERPs.

How Sure Oak Does Link Building for New Websites

Sure Oak uses a proprietary approach to link building for new websites. We have over twenty years of experience in SEO and link building. Our experts have seen algorithm changes, new search engines come on the market, and reached out to thousands of prospective linking opportunities. We know what it takes to earn links from websites across all industries.

When we’re link building for new websites, our team will build custom link building services from the ground up. You’ll receive a competitor link analysis, targeted outreach, link management, reporting, and on-going support as you continue to improve your backlink profile.

Competitor Link Analysis

A competitor link analysis can give us great insights into what link strategies other businesses in your industry are using. This type of analysis is especially important when you’re link building for a new website. Our agency will audit the types of links your search competitors have, what they’re sharing, and the quality of their links. We’ll take inspiration from the best parts of their strategies and go after opportunities that they haven’t found yet.


One of the things that sets our link building agency apart from the others is our approach to research and discovery. We use an intense vetting process to weed out low-quality prospects so our link builders can focus on the opportunities that will have the best impact on your rankings. We’ll uncover several linking opportunities that are relevant to your business, have a high domain, and are valuable to your target audience.

Targeted Outreach

Our link building agency has outreach boiled down to a science. Our more than two decades of experience comes in handy when it comes to convincing webmasters to link to your new website. We have a high success rate in earning links from our list of prospects. And we’ll call upon our relationships with thought leaders, webmasters, and other influencers to earn premium links you can’t get anywhere else.

Link Management & Reporting

Tracking the types of links your new website earns is almost as important as getting those links in the first place. We’ll set up reports so you can track how many links you’ve earned, where the links come from, and your organic traffic. Our team will also monitor the quality of the links your website is earning and disavow any toxic links that may have a negative impact on your rankings.

Link Building Strategies for New Websites

Our agency will create a customized approach for each client who needs link building for new websites. We take a creative approach to securing as many high quality links as possible, as quickly as possible. The link building strategies we use are proven to get results. Our experts will explore local linking opportunities, brand mentions, editorial inserts, guest posting, and more.

Local Opportunities

Local link building includes earning links in local directories, on government websites, and on the sites of local businesses or influencers. Winning these types of links for your new website can help establish your presence in your community. You’ll capture more local traffic, appear in local searches, and strengthen your ability to appear in maps.

Brand Mentions

We’ll scour the internet for unlinked mentions of your brand. Even the newest websites, including for startups, might have brand mentions. If we find any, our team will reach out to the webmaster and add a link. This is a great way to get some quick power from new links because they will be placed on pages that are already indexed. This shortens the amount of time it will take for the link to have an effect on your rankings and organic traffic.

Editorial Insertions

When you partner with us for new website link building, we’ll look for opportunities for editorial link insertions. These are links that will be added to existing websites and articles. Editorial links also come from sites that have already been indexed, helping you get a ranking boost as quickly as possible.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is when your website creates content that is featured on another site. We’ll work with your team to create valuable, shareable content that relevant websites will be thrilled to feature. Once websites agree to the guest post, our team can provide detailed creative briefs or write the content for you.

Digital PR

Digital public relations can be an effective new website link building strategy. We’ll get your business mentioned in news articles, press releases, and blog posts. These mentions will link back to your business, letting users and search engines know that your business is relevant and timely.

Content Marketing

Your new website needs a solid content marketing strategy as much as you need link building services. Our team of experts will spot any holes in your content, research new content opportunities to attract your target audience, and come up with a customized content strategy for your business. This will give you more opportunities to rank for relevant keywords and provide additional links.

A Link Building Agency You Can Trust

Sure Oak has over twenty years of experience with link building. We understand all the work that you’ve put in to your new website, and we’re here to help you get the most out of your SEO strategy. We’ll provide the same level of support to your business that you can expect from your in-house team.

We promise that our link building agency will earn links that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. For the last two decades, we’ve been building relationships with webmasters across all industries. When needed to help our clients, we call upon these relationships to earn premium links.

Link Building Services FAQs

The length of time it takes to see results from new website link building services varies. Many of our clients start to see an improvement in rankings and organic traffic in a few months. However, it can take six months to a year before you see the full results of your link building efforts.

Domain authority, also called DA, is a score given to every website that shows how likely they are to rank on the first page of Google. This score factors in backlinks, trustworthiness, content, age of website, and several other factors. If your website has a higher domain authority it is more likely to rank highly.

Our goal with link building for new websites is to help increase your domain authority. When your website has more backlinks from other sites with high domain authority, it makes you seem more relevant, quality, and trustworthy. The link building strategy we take will focus on getting you premium backlinks to strengthen your domain authority as quickly as possible.

Yes! We do a lot more than help with link building strategies for new websites. Sure Oak offers a wide range of SEO services. If you’re not sure which services will work the best for your insurance business, don’t worry. Our SEO consultants will guide you to the digital marketing strategies that will have the biggest impact on your organic traffic, rankings, and conversions.