Website SEO Migration Services

Without specialized SEO website migration services, it’s possible to lose 30-50% of organic traffic almost overnight. Our SEO agency can help not only retain rankings but grow your organic traffic after a website migration. Learn how you can get incredible results.

How SEO Migration Services Work with Sure Oak

When you choose Sure Oak as your SEO website migration agency, you get a comprehensive SEO plan for before, during, and after the migration. Learn more about what’s included in our website migration SEO services and how we minimize organic traffic loss.

Pre-Launch Discovery & Planning

Our professional SEO website migration services begin with a pre-launch discovery meeting and planning session. We’ll take a close look at your website and document the site map, current performance, and rankings. Our team will talk with you to define the goals and objectives of your website migration and create a plan of attack personalized to your needs.

Content Audit & Mapping

Our website migration SEO services include a full content audit and keyword mapping. We will help you get the most out of your content by determining which pages should rank for specific keywords. Our keyword research agency team will create a keyword and content map that your developers can use to ensure all content is properly migrated. If necessary, we’ll recommend new pages to fill any content gaps in your site.

Navigation & Architecture Analysis

Your navigation and site architecture play an important role in how well your site ranks. With our SEO website migration services, we’ll perform an internal link audit. Our team will check your navigation, menus, and sitemap to ensure all links are addressed when your site goes live. We’ll create a plan that cuts down on redirects and keeps your site architecture as consistent as possible to improve your site speed and make it easy for search engines to crawl.

URL Redirect Mapping

Redirect mapping is at the foundation of SEO website migration services. During a website migration, your URLs will change. This can cause missing backlinks, broken internal links, and a drop in rankings. Our team of SEOs will map your URLs and provide your development team the redirects needed to preserve your site’s structure and prevent broken links. If you don’t have a dev team, we can provide website development services too.

Mobile Friendliness

Google views websites from a mobile-first lens. This means that a mobile-friendly design is key in order to rank well. As you improve your website and prepare for migration, we’ll analyze how well your website will perform on mobile. We’ll make recommendations to improve your site’s responsiveness, enhance the mobile experience, and boost your site’s rankings as part of our SEO migration services.

Site Speed & Core Web Vitals

Our search engine optimization experts will work with your team to manage your site speed and ensure your site passes Core Web Vitals. If your site isn’t already set up in Google Search Console, our team will handle that for you. And as part of your SEO website migration services, we’ll index relevant pages to ensure that their metrics appear properly in the search console.

Analytics Tagging

Our team will check to see if your site tagging (Schema markup, meta descriptions, title tags, etc) need to be updated during our website migration SEO services. Whenever needed, we’ll optimize these tags to help boost your search engine rankings for your updated web pages. We’ll track how these changes affect your site performance and tweak as necessary after your new site is live.

Technical SEO Auditing

Our team will deep dive into the technical ranking factors that affect your website’s performance. This is the chance to discover any technical issues and make a correction plan before your new site goes live. By taking the opportunity to optimize your website for technical SEO, you’ll see your rankings and visibility improve in the long-term with SEO migration services.

External Link Analysis

We’ll manage your backlink profile during your website migration. Our team will analyze external links that point back to your site and note which ones we want to update and which ones should be disavowed. We’ll tailor our approach and website migration strategy to the size and complexity of your backlink profile. Our team will ensure that proper 301 redirects are set up to preserve the authority you’ve earned from external links back to your site.

Benchmarking & Reporting

Before your new website goes live, we’ll benchmark your performance. Our search engine optimization team will analyze your keyword rankings, page traffic, page speed, and other important metrics. We will also back up your assets, including metadata, title tags, and on-page content, so everything is safe in case there is an issue carrying that information over.

Our team will set up reporting services to track how well your new website is performing. We’ll set up Google Analytics so you can get the most accurate information about your site’s metrics. Plus, our team will send you detailed reports every month to give you an in-depth look at your rankings, traffic, and conversions.

Post-Launch Review

After the website migration is complete and your site is live, we’ll perform a complete post-launch review. We’ll crawl your site to check indexing, metadata, content, site speed, and to ensure that Google is able to crawl your new site effectively.

Let Us Help With Your SEO Website Migration

Expected Results with Sure Oak as Your SEO Migration Agency

When you choose professional SEO migration services, you can expect incredible results. Our SEO migration agency will use strategies we’ve honed over more than 20 years to smoothly migrate your website, maintain your rankings, and set you up for long-term growth. Migrating your website is the bare minimum. We go above and beyond by optimizing your site for improved traffic and visibility.

Growth of Organic Search Visibility

When it’s done right, a site upgrade will bring a boost of organic search visibility in addition to a better user experience. Our team of SEO consultants will be by your side during every step of the planning process to account for on-page SEO factors, including technical SEO. We’ll manage everything from new content creation to page speed and sitemaps to help you climb the search engine results pages.

Solid Technical SEO Foundation

Technical SEO ranking factors play a huge role in any website migration. Our SEO migration services include a full technical audit of your site. We’ll analyze anything that needs to be optimized during the migration process and track internal links, site structure, metadata, your backlink profile, and other technical factors. After the migration is complete, we’ll do another check to be sure that your site is functioning at the optimal level.

Minimized Organic Traffic Loss

It’s normal to experience a dip in organic traffic after a website migration. Without taking the proper steps to protect and support their SEO, businesses never recover from these losses. Our SEO migration services are proven to minimize the organic traffic loss and maintain your place in the search rankings. Before your migration, we’ll run through our SEO migration checklist to ensure that every page is optimized and every precaution is taken. With our SEO consulting help, your business will be protected from traffic loss.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Organic traffic doesn’t matter as much when you’re not converting. Our professional website migration services include conversion rate optimization to encourage users to take action. And with more traffic coming in through your updated website, you’ll see your bottom line continue to grow.

Plan for Continued SEO Success

A website migration is a lot of work, and we’ll make sure you get the most out of your investment. When you partner with us for your migration, we’ll use our SEO consulting services to set you up for long-term growth. We’ll take the opportunity to bring your website up to the latest SEO standards so your refreshed site can capture even more traffic than before.

Why Choose Sure Oak as Your SEO Migration Agency?

When you’re planning for a website migration, you need a partner that you can trust. Sure Oak has over 20 years of experience providing exceptional SEO services to clients of all sizes. We understand that your business is as good as invisible if you aren’t ranking for relevant searches, and we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that your customers can find you. Our SEO consulting and website migration services are battle-tested and proven to increase your organic search visibility.

From the moment you partner with Sure Oak, your business goals become our goals. We’ll provide the same level of support that you’d get from an in-house digital marketing team. We’ll work closely with your team to create strategies personalized to your business and niche.

Speak with an SEO Consultant about your SEO Migration

SEO Website Migration FAQs

A website migration can take a while to properly plan and execute. In an ideal world, you should set up SEO website migration services 3-4 months before the launch of your new website. That way, our professional SEO analysts will work alongside developers and designers to ensure that everything is handled properly.

But we know that you don’t always have months before a migration. We can help handle SEO migration services within as little as a month. Reach out to our SEO consultants if you have questions or need help planning a migration.

Yes, you can migrate your website without losing your hard-won search rankings. Google and other search engines want to reward businesses for creating better websites. However, you need to make sure that you’re taking the right steps.

There are several things that need to be included on your SEO website migration checklist in order to keep your rankings safe. As part of your migration strategy, you should plan to:

  • Conduct a site crawl before your migration
  • Map all URL changes
  • Self-canonicalize new pages
  • Fix duplicate content issues
  • Put custom 404 errors in place
  • Add your new sitemap to the Google Console
  • Redirect links that you’ve changed
  • Update PPC campaigns and links on other platforms
  • Mark the change in Google Analytics

There is a lot to keep track of! Partnering with a digital agency for website migration SEO services can help maintain, or grow, your rankings. While you may see an initial decline in rankings immediately after your website migration, your website should end up ranking better after the migration once Google crawls your new site.

The timeline for a website migration is as unique as your business. It may take as little as 30 minutes, but may take several hours. The timing depends on several variables including the amount of existing organic traffic your website brings in, the size of your website, your backline profile, how many URLs you have, and if any new pages need to be created to support the migration.

Even the best planned SEO website migrations can go wrong. Many clients have come to us after a website migration for help fixing their blunders. The most common SEO issues we’ve seen after a migration are:

  • Not setting up 301 redirects
  • Not carrying over page content and metadata
  • Changing the navigation structure of the website.

The best way to avoid these mistakes is simple, get professional SEO migration services. Our SEOs know what it takes to successfully migrate a website without losing your search traffic.

So, you’re planning to migrate your website. This is a huge undertaking and can improve both the user experience and your SERP rankings. However, a huge project means that there are several opportunities to make mistakes. A few things that can go wrong during a migration include:

  • Poor planning
  • Broken internal links
  • Not optimizing content
  • Improper 301 redirects
  • Not updating backlinks, PPC campaigns, and social media channels
  • Not allowing Google to crawl your new website
  • Service disruption and a lot of website downtime
  • Analytics and tracking issues

If you’re asking what can go wrong in a website migration, that’s the first step to preventing errors. Partnering with an agency for professional SEO migration services can mitigate your risk and help the project go off without a hitch. At Sure Oak, we understand what can go wrong in a website migration, and we take steps to prevent every single potential issue.