Shopify SEO Services

Partner with a leading Shopify SEO agency to boost your ecommerce revenue. With professional Shopify optimization services, you can unlock the full potential of your online business.

Grow Your Business with a Shopify SEO Consultant

Online purchases are worth trillions of dollars, and Shopify holds 31% of the ecommerce market. With professional SEO for Shopify services, you’ll drive highly targeted traffic directly to your site. There are millions of new customers who are searching for terms related to your business and ready to make a purchase. Investing in Shopify SEO services can help you bring in a steady stream of targeted, conversion-focused traffic for the long term.

How We Improve SEO for Shopify Websites

Having a thriving Shopify store takes more than a beautiful website, popular products, and an intuitive UX. To sell more products, customers need to be able to find your business.

Your business deserves more than a generic ecommerce SEO strategy. Partnering with a Shopify SEO company can take your store to the next level. Sure Oak has helped Shopify clients strengthen their SEO performance to capture new visitors and new sales. Our full-service Shopify SEO agency knows how to improve SEO on Shopify – we can provide any level of support that you need.

Custom Shopify SEO Strategy

Your Shopify store is unique. That’s why we will create a custom Shopify SEO strategy for your business. No one knows your business better than you do, and no one knows search engine optimization like us. Our SEO specialists will talk with you about your business goals and the challenges that your business faces. Through collaboration, your Shopify SEO strategy will zero in on your objectives and set you up for fantastic results.

Website SEO Audit

As part of our Shopify SEO services, we’ll perform a comprehensive website audit of your site. We take a holistic approach to SEO, meaning that we believe every aspect of your site should work at its best to help your site reach its highest potential. Our Shopify SEO audit services include auditing your page speed, Core Web Vitals, schema markup, and other technical ranking factors. We’ll use the findings of our SEO website audit to make recommendations tailored to your specific business. We will first focus on the optimizations that will make the biggest impact on your rankings so you can see results as quickly as possible.

Keyword & Content Strategy

Keywords aren’t all created equal. Over our more than 20 years of experience as keyword research experts, we’ve developed a specialized approach to keyword research that uncovers opportunities your competitors aren’t aware of yet. We’ll analyze thousands of terms for relevancy, search intent, and difficulty. Then our SEO consultants will group the keywords into clusters to find the combination of the right keywords.

Once we hone in on the optimal keyword strategy for your Shopify store, we’ll create a content strategy that puts everything into action. With a targeted content strategy based on extensive keyword research, we can get more eyes on your products than ever before.

Content Development

Now that we have a solid keyword and content strategy, it’s time for content development. We will make recommendations for your product descriptions, homepage, and even for new pages you might need to create to fill content gaps. Our professional SEO copywriters will write compelling content that will guide users to make a purchase from any stage in the sales funnel. And we’ll perform A/B testing to get real data about what your customers prefer and how to best optimize your Shopify website.

On-Page Optimization

The search algorithm is always changing and there are hundreds of on-page ranking factors to track and optimize.

Everything from the keywords you use in your title tags to the anchor text you use with links can affect how well your store performs in the search results. Our team of SEO experts, specializing in on-page SEO services, adhere to the latest standards of on-page optimization to ensure your online shop’s peak performance.

Strategic Link Building

When it’s done right, link building can be one of the most powerful tools in your SEO arsenal. Gaining backlinks from trustworthy sources points a lot of powerful link juice back to your website. At Sure Oak, link building is our specialty. We use a variety of different tactics to earn links from sites with high domain authority. And as a leader in the industry, we’ve spent years building relationships with webmasters, bloggers, and thought leaders who we can call on to get you valuable links that will deliver results.

Technical SEO

There are hundreds of technical issues that can affect how well your website ranks. Our Shopify SEO consultants are experts in technical SEO and the current Google standards for ranking factors like page speed, HTML and XML sitemaps, schema markup, and so many others.

In order to confirm that your website is functioning at its optimal level, we’ll perform an in-depth Shopify SEO audit. During this audit, we’ll catch technical issues and make a plan for quick resolution. These fixes will make your Shopify site more friendly for search engines and set you up for aggressive growth.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

We’ll do a lot more than drive traffic to your site, we’ll also help optimize your conversion rate. Our Shopify SEO consultants will use conversion rate optimization and UX strategies to guide visitors to make a purchase. We’ll optimize everything from the calls to action (CTAs) and product descriptions to the shopping cart and checkout button in order to reduce friction in the shopping experience.

Google Ads and PPC Management

The right digital advertising campaign can support your Shopify SEO strategy to bring in more relevant traffic as we work to improve organic rankings. We can set up Google ads and pay-per-click campaigns for your store as part of our Shopify optimization services. This can help generate an additional revenue stream for your business, and keep your ROI growing long after we’ve optimized your site.

Grow Your e-Commerce Revenue with Shopify SEO Experts

Why Choose Sure Oak as Your Shopify SEO Agency?

You’re an expert in what you do, choose experts in Shopify SEO services. Sure Oak is a leader in Shopify SEO. Our holistic approach to SEO strategy and optimization is proven to generate incredible results for our clients. Every decision we make will help lead your business to long-term growth in organic traffic, rankings, and revenue. Investing in our Shopify optimization services will be an investment in your success.

Increased Sales on Your Shopify Ecommerce Store

Everything that we do is revenue-focused. Our Shopify optimization services use your website’s data to determine the best ways to drive customers to your website and guide them to convert. Our proprietary approach will help you generate highly relevant traffic to your ecommerce store for the long term. We’ll work with you to create Shopify SEO strategies tailored to your short-term sales goals and your future objectives.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

As experts in Ecommerce SEO services, especially for Shopify websites, we know what it takes to optimize your ecommerce site so it appears in relevant searches. Our Shopify SEO services include a competitor analysis and our battle-tested strategy to keyword research to identify new opportunities for your business. We’ll keep you ahead of the competition by identifying search terms that are highly relevant with lower competition so you can stake your claim on the first page long before your competitors.

Specialization in Shopify Websites

Our Shopify SEO agency has over 20 years of experience helping clients of all sizes in a wide range of industries optimize their online stores. We know Shopify inside and out. Our team of SEO experts has encountered, and fixed, just about any SEO issue that a Shopify site can face. There’s nothing that will surprise us anymore.

An Expert Dedicated to Your Success

When you choose Sure Oak as your SEO Shopify agency, you’ll get a dedicated SEO account manager whose focus is on your business’s success. During our partnership, your business goals will become our business goals. Your account manager and team of Shopify SEO specialists will work with you to develop a deep understanding of your objectives, challenges, and opportunities so we can provide the same level of support you’d expect from members of your own team.
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What Sets Sure Oak Apart

Sure Oak is a leading digital SEO agency for ecommerce businesses. We get outstanding results because we put ourselves into the shoes of our clients. By developing a deep understanding of your business, we can analyze your website with your unique goals in mind. Our ecommerce SEO specialists will provide creative solutions to problems and find untapped SEO opportunities to grow your ecommerce revenue.

We believe in setting our clients up for long-term success. Our proprietary approach to SEO for ecommerce strategy will keep your business growing for years to come.

We Helped a Shopify Store Increase Revenue +113% in Two Months

When the pandemic hit, Milk Bar needed help pivoting to a strong ecommerce strategy. We used our proprietary approach, the SEO Game Plan, to lay out the perfect approach to grow organic traffic in the long term and increase ecommerce revenue. Our Shopify SEO consultants targeted high-value keyword phrases to drive potential customers to Milk Bar’s site. We created new content targeting these terms, and our effort paid off. In two months, Milk Bar’s revenue increased by 113%!

Shopify SEO FAQs

When you’re hiring a Shopify SEO expert, you want to look for someone who is:

  • An expert in SEO for Shopify websites
  • Transparent and trustworthy
  • Aligned with your business
  • Established in the SEO industry

Sure Oak is a leading Shopify SEO agency. We’ve been around for more than 20 years, and we’ve sharpened our SEO strategies on thousands of clients over the years. If you’re interested in taking your Shopify store to the next level, or if you want to see how our ecommerce SEO strategies can work for you, contact us today.

Yes, Shopify is good for SEO. It has several SEO features built in that can help you get traction in the rankings on your own. Plus, the user-friendly platform lends itself well to Shopify SEO strategies. It’s fairly straightforward to implement on-page SEO strategies on the backend.

However, like with any ecommerce platform, Shopify has some quirks that require special expertise.
Partnering with a Shopify SEO agency can help you get the most out of your Shopify SEO services.

Yes, Shopify is a very user-friendly ecommerce platform. It comes with some easy-to-use SEO features built in. Without downloading any plugins, you can do several things like:

  • Update the title tags and meta descriptions
  • Set up 301 redirects
  • Easily edit on-page content

There are also plugins available, like Yoast, that can improve the SEO functionality of Shopify.

But, just because you can do a lot of Shopify optimization on your own, it doesn’t mean that you’ll get the best outcomes. The search algorithm is always changing. Keeping up with the latest SEO for Shopify websites strategies takes a lot of time and effort.

Hiring a Shopify SEO agency takes the pressure of managing your own SEO off your shoulders. At Sure Oak, we specialize in helping Shopify stores appear at the top of the page for even the most competitive keywords. With us, you’ll get the kind of professional Shopify SEO services that will blow built-in SEO functionality out of the water. Our expertise is the special sauce that can make any site achieve long-term growth and an increase in revenue. We stay up to date with the latest search trends to keep you one step ahead of the competition.

In addition to our expertise with Shopify, we’re leaders in SEO for a long list of other ecommerce platforms.

  • Squarespace
  • Wix
  • BigCommerce
  • Adobe Commerce
  • WooCommerce
  • Weebly

Whether you’re an established ecommerce business or a startup trying to find a customer base, we have SEO strategies that will work for you.

While we welcome your insights and expertise about your industry, we don’t recommend doing your own keyword research. SEO is a complex field that’s always changing. Doing your own keyword research will take a lot of time and, without a deep understanding of SEO, won’t boost your organic traffic.

Save your business time, money and stress by hiring professional SEO topic research and keyword research services. At Sure Oak, we’re on the cutting edge of keyword research strategies. We use our proprietary analytical processes to determine the best strategy to bring qualified traffic to your website.