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Millions of people are searching for videos every day. If your company’s video content doesn’t appear in searches on Google, YouTube, and Vimeo, your competitors’ videos will. Our video SEO services can take your video performance to the next level, rank videos on Google, attract more organic traffic, and build your brand exposure.

Why Video Marketing & YouTube SEO Matters

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. With more than 112 million users visiting the video giant every day, promoting your company through videos is no longer just an option. It’s necessary. 

Using videos can be a great way to boost brand awareness for your products and services. Unfortunately, you’re not the first business to discover the benefits of video marketing. Video platforms are becoming saturated, which is why video SEO services can be so important.

Optimizing your video marketing through video SEO services, sometimes called YouTube SEO services, can bring your more organic traffic, qualified leads, conversions, and more exposure for your brand. Video SEO is similar to traditional SEO, but there are a few unique challenges that SEOs face when optimizing video content. Our video and YouTube SEO experts have helped hundreds of clients use videos to drive organic traffic to their websites.

Our Expert Video SEO Process

Our video and YouTube SEO agency has refined our approach to video SEO services over the past two decades. The process that we use for SEO video optimization is data-driven and proven to work time and time again. Here’s what to expect when you partner with Sure Oak for video SEO services.

Keyword Research & Strategy

Just like our more traditional SEO keyword research services, finding the right search terms should be a cornerstone of any effective approach to video SEO. Like we said, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Millions of searches happen every minute, and the right combination of keywords can put your video at the top of the search engine results page. We take a proprietary approach to SEO keyword research and strategy development. This is where the Sure Oak difference comes into play.

Our YouTube SEO experts will analyze thousands of keywords to identify the terms that your target audience is searching for. We’ll focus on high-value keywords that are most likely to result in clicks, driving more views and engagement to your videos. Then, we’ll create a strategy that puts those keywords in your titles, descriptions, annotations, and other content.

Video Thumbnail Optimization

The thumbnail of a YouTube video directly influences how many people will watch the video. This is the picture that you chose that will act as the “cover.” It will be the first impression that your potential viewers see when they’re scrolling through the search results. 

Our YouTube SEO services include video thumbnail optimization. We’ll analyze your competitors’ thumbnails, the thumbnails of high-performing videos in your niche, and current video thumbnail trends in order to create a thumbnail that performs. As part of our video SEO services, we’ll monitor key performance indicators (views, clicks, engagement) so we can make adjustments if the performance drops.

Craft Video Titles That Rank

Crafting the perfect title for your video is an art and a science. You need to include the most important keyword in the title, and the title needs to be enticing enough that people want to click. Plus, a video title isn’t very long. With only a few short words, each one counts. 

Our video SEO agency has a team of copywriters who are experts at creating dynamic titles. We’ll balance the keyword strategy with the content of your videos to produce titles that will attract viewers.

Video Descriptions That Make The Difference

The description of your video is just as important as the thumbnail and the title. This is your opportunity to include relevant keywords, let potential viewers understand the purpose of your video, and link to your website or product pages. 

Our video and YouTube SEO services include video description optimization. The expert copywriters at our video SEO agency will draft descriptions that marry engaging language and strategic keywords. We’ll follow the most up-to-date SEO best practices to give your video the best shot of appearing near the top of the SERPs.

Create Engagement With Video Annotations

Annotations, also called tags, are used by search engines to understand the purpose of your video. They can also help potential viewers find your video, similar to hashtags on Twitter or Instagram. The video annotations should align with your keyword strategy. 

They should include your main keywords, variations of the keywords, and some high-level terms that cover the general topic of your video. When we optimize the rest of your video’s description, we’ll use annotations strategically to attract more qualified attention.

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What Else Can Your Video SEO Company Help With?

Our video SEO agency can help with everything from video marketing to managing your company’s profile on social media. No matter what level of support your business needs, our video SEO services can help.

Optimize Video Schema Markup

Video schema markup hasn’t been on the scene as long as thumbnails and annotations, but it plays an important part in how well your video ranks. If you have a video embedded on your page, schema markup can help search engines understand the point of your video. Many businesses don’t prioritize video schema markup, so optimizing yours may give you a competitive edge.

Create Video Transcripts That Help On-Page SEO

A video transcript is a detailed script of the dialogue in your video. Including these transcripts on your webpages can make the content more accessible to potential customers and improve your site’s SEO. Moreover, by using video transcripts, you can seamlessly incorporate more keywords, amplifying the effectiveness of on-page SEO. To harness the full potential of this strategy, consider leveraging our on-page SEO services. Our video SEO agency is here to create transcripts and ensure your site stands out in search results.

Brand Profile Optimization

YouTube SEO services go beyond optimizing the video. Optimizing your business’s profile is another important tool that you should be using to draw in more traffic. Our team will help you with everything from image optimization to your profile description.

Build Quality Backlinks

Link building is an important part of any SEO strategy, including video marketing. Backlinks from authoritative websites send a huge boost of domain authority and trustworthiness back to your site. At Sure Oak, link building is our specialty. Our video SEO experts will be able to get you high-quality links you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Create Quality Video Sitemaps

A video sitemap tells Google, YouTube, and other search engines to find and understand the video content on your website. As part of our video SEO services, we’ll create a detailed video sitemap to make crawling your website as easy as possible.

Video & YouTube SEO Services Tools

After we optimize your videos, the maintenance phase begins. In order to keep a close eye on how well your videos are performing, we’ll set you up with some of the tools our video SEO experts use on a regular basis including YouTube Analytics, Ahrefs, SEMRush, and Google Search Console.

YouTube Analytics

YouTube analytics is a dashboard that shows you key metrics about your company’s YouTube videos. Your team will be able to see views, engagement, trends, and other helpful analytics.


Ahrefs has several SEO tools designed for video SEO, including a YouTube keyword tool. We’ll show your company how to use Ahrefs to maintain your current rankings.


SEMRush can help with everything from keyword research to understanding YouTube video trends. Our video SEO agency will help you understand how to make this tool work best for your business.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a tried and tested SEO tool. You can use this to research keywords, track the performance of videos on your website, and get a detailed breakdown of your search rankings.

Other SEO Services That We Offer

Sure Oak is a full-service digital marketing agency. SEO is our passion, and we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding results for our clients. If you need more support on top of video and YouTube SEO services, just let us know. We can do it all, including:

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Video SEO FAQs

Yes! Video and YouTube SEO services can help you rank on both YouTube and Google. Our team of SEO experts know the nuances between the Google and YouTube algorithms. We’ll work with your team to better understand your goals and create a customized SEO strategy for your business. Our team will go above and beyond to help you get incredible results from your investment in professional SEO services.

How long it takes to see results from video SEO services varies depending on your industry, your website, the quality of your videos, the level of support you need, and your goals.  In most cases, our clients start to see results in 3-6 months. It can take up to a year before you reap the full benefits of your customized video SEO strategy.