Voice Search Optimization (SEO) Services

Voice search isn’t the future of search, it’s the now! With voice search optimization services, we’ll make sure that your website appears in voice queries. See how we can use the latest search strategies to take your rankings to the next level.

Experienced Voice Search Optimization Agency

Voice search optimization services require special expertise. It’s not possible to approach optimizing your website for voice queries with the same strategies used for written searches and expect the same results. Our voice search optimization agency is made up of experts in the newest search strategies. We use a specialized subset of tactics that are proven to boost rankings and make your business more findable in voice searches.

Even though voice search and its corresponding devices have been around for a few years now, its capabilities are still in their infancy. The marketing and advertising side of voice search is beginning to take shape, and there are already many ways to strategize so your business can take full advantage of this technology. This means there are many opportunities for innovators like us. The time to prioritize voice SEO is now.

Sure Oak is standing by to take your search results to the next level. With over 20 years of experience in search engine optimization, we know what it takes to adapt and transform our strategies based on industry changes. Our agency has withstood the test of time, and we’re known nationwide for the exceptional results we earn for our clients. To get these results, we perform customized voice search SEO services for each client, taking your unique challenges, strengths, and goals into account. Our experts will work closely with your business to maximize the results you can achieve through SEO for voice search.

Content Strategy Optimized for Voice Search

Content is king, and this continues to be true with voice search optimization (VSO). But you shouldn’t use the same SEO keyword strategies for written searches to optimize content for voice search. People speak and type in very different ways. The average typed search query is 2-3 words while the average voice search query is about 29 words.

Our voice SEO keyword experts will optimize your content for conversational keywords. Conversational keywords are longtail keywords that mimic how people speak. While someone might type “best washing machines,” that same person is more likely to say “what are the best types of washing machines?” 

VSO experts at our agency will analyze how your target market uses voice to look for your products or services. We’ll create a customized content strategy that includes a mix of keywords for typed and voice searches. Depending on your industry and website, we will recommend new content based on the search intent of your target market including product pages, updated blog content, videos, and other content that provides value to customers.

Featured Snippet Optimization

A featured snippet is a type of search result that appears at the top of the SERPs. This is considered “position zero” by Google. Featured snippets appear in the answer box and pull a small chunk of content from your web pages in order to answer commonly asked questions. This makes it possible for searchers to find information as quickly as possible.

With this in mind, our team writes content that caters to featured snippets. This increases the likelihood that your website will be there to answer voice search queries.

Keyword Research with Voice SEO in Mind

Our voice search optimization services include specialized keyword research for voice queries. Search behavior is different between typed and spoken searches. Users are more likely to search for conversational terms while using voice search. Our keyword experts will do deep research to uncover longtail keywords that your target audience is using.

At Sure Oak, our proprietary SEO keyword research is our secret sauce. We take a 360-degree approach to keyword analysis where we prioritize relevant, valuable, and low-competitive keywords that will help you improve your site visibility as quickly as possible. We’ll find opportunities for you to win in voice search and bring even more traffic to your site.

Local Voice Search SEO Services

Over 20% of voice search queries have location-based words within them, and local searches convert around 80% of the time. Voice optimization services can help local businesses to expand their visibility and presence within their local targeted communities

As part of our voice search optimization services, we’ll help you earn more brand awareness within your community. Our voice search optimization experts use proven strategies to improve your visibility on Google My Business, Apple Maps, and Yelp, add your business to local directories, and appear in local searches.

Be Heard on Every Device

Your potential customers are using voice search across a multitude of devices. From Google Voice to Alexa to Siri, users are asking virtual assistants to find information for them. It’s important to tailor your voice optimization strategies for the different outlets. These devices might default to different search engines, or apps, which can affect the top voice search results. 

Our SEO for voice search experts understand the nuances of voice search marketing on different tools. We’ll find out which types of devices your target audience is more likely to use and come up with a customized strategy to target each one. Whether they’re searching on a mobile device or at home, we’ll help your business appear in these voice searches.

Google Voice

Users can perform voice searches on Google Home, Google Mini, and Google Nest Hub Max.

Amazon Alexa

Consumers search using Alexa on Amazon Echo devices, Amazon Fire TV, Sonos, and other compatible devices.


Siri is the virtual assistant found on Apple devices including iPhones, Apple Home, Apple TV, and many others.


Cortana is found on Microsoft devices, including Android, and uses Bing as its default search engine.

Voice Search Optimization FAQs

The main difference between voice search optimization and SEO is the different types of queries. VSO focuses on conversational and longtail keywords that users are more likely to ask on the go. Most of the time, people are using voice search to ask full sentences and questions rather than one or two keywords. 

There is also a stronger emphasis on featured snippets to make sure content from your website is answering commonly searched queries on voice search. Voice search users want quick, simple answers that they can digest in a few seconds. Long-form content, like blog posts, work much better for typed searches.

Featured snippets are components of the search engine results page on Google. They’re considered to be “position zero” which means that they appear between the paid search results and the organic results on the page. Featured snippets may appear as answer boxes, lists, tables, and even videos.

Appearing in featured snippets, or position zero, in voice search can take your voice search optimization to the next level. If your website appears in featured snippets, it is more likely that answers to voice queries will come from your page. A featured snippet in position zero also gives your business’s website a second spot on the first page of the SERPs, the snippet, and your normal ranking in the organic results section of the page. This increases the likelihood that customers will visit your page as opposed to your competitors.

We will help you target relevant key phrases so you can appear in position zero. These phrases will be analyzed for relevancy, how action-oriented they are, and how competitive they are. We’ll prioritize the ones that your business is most likely to earn and that are most likely to turn into a customer interaction.

Analysts predict that voice searches may account for 70% of all searches by 2024. This translates to millions of dollars of business being done through voice search. If you’re asking how your business could benefit from this type of search, the answer is clear. You could increase your company’s revenue.

Voice search optimization is still in the early days. Companies that make innovations in their approach to marketing, including voice search marketing, will have a stronger position in place as voice search continues to take off. Poise yourself for success by investing in voice search SEO optimization.

Yes! Our SEO team will set up reports so you can see exactly how well your strategy is performing. You’ll get monthly reports and regular calls where we go over the data and answer any questions you may have.