Our Mission

Our mission is to empower people to reach their full potential and live their wildest dreams.

Meet the Team

Nick Fraunfelder, CEO

Nick Fraunfelder,

Logan Palmer,
Director of Growth

Ralph DeFelice,
Director of Strategy

Andrea Schultz,
Director of SEO

Lauren Letsch,
Director, HR & Operations

Zack Chambers,
Director of Link Building

Henrique Figueiredo,
Sr. SEO Strategist

Dalley Hewitt,
Growth Consultant

Chris Machemer,
Lead Developer

Roy Martina,
Digital Marketing & SEO Strategist

Bojan Mijatovic,
Sr. Link Building Strategist

Sean Comerford,
Project Manager

Megan Burke,
Link Building Strategist

Hayley Lowman,
Outreach Manager

Kimberley McConnery,
Link Building Manager

Maggie Strawoet,
Content Specialist

Milos Radic,
Link Building Specialist

Chelsey Moter,
Hubspot Marketer

Brady Tibbits,
PPC Specialist

Brad Cohen,
PPC Specialist

Sure Oak Agency

As a full-service SEO company, we build genuine relationships and implement our proprietary SEO strategies to drive the organic traffic that will grow your revenue and take your business to the next level.

And don’t forget personal growth. We’re into that too.

We’re here to empower your business with proven strategies that result in sustainable success, freeing up more time for you to grow in other areas. We believe this freedom is what living a full life is all about.

Our results-driven experts know which of Google’s ranking factors are most impactful and how to optimize for them, while constantly adapting to algorithm changes. Our highly specialized SEO services and dynamic tools can catapult your online visibility to reach more people and more importantly, the right people.

We build the sustainable traction you need to increase your long-term revenue and even better, your freedom. Whatever your goals and dreams are, we can help get you there.

Find out how our SEO optimization services can help your business.

Nick Fraunfelder, CEO

Nick has been investing in and operating companies for over 15 years. He has notably worked with Clockwise.MD, PurpleCloud Technologies, and Ford Frye Restaurants. With experience in growing businesses in various fields, Nick is passionate about the success of our clients, team members, and Sure Oak.
Nick Fraunfelder, CEO

Logan Palmer, Director of Growth

At the heart of Logan’s mission, both professionally and personally, is growth. With an insatiable curiosity to create, connect, and venture forth, he is a genuine seeker of opportunities that will expand horizons for his clients, team members, and himself. With his background in client success, he partners directly with the Sure Oak SEO Team to build strong relationships with each client to help them reach their long-term goals.

Ralph DeFelice, Director of Strategy

As a seasoned Digital Marketing professional and SEO/CRO expert with over 15 years of experience, Ralph brings patience, drive, and expertise to every project he touches. With his in-depth understanding of organic marketing campaign strategy and all its various components, he is able to coalesce the big and small pictures to lead our clients to the visibility they seek.

Andrea Schultz, Director of SEO

With over 18 years of experience in the online marketing industry, Andrea thrives on being part of a client’s business growth and success online. Specializing in organic search engine optimization and integrated programs, she spends her days deep-diving into clients’ websites, looking for ways to increase their online visibility and generate leads to ensure that she and her team cultivate genuine satisfaction and results.

Lauren Letsch, HR & Operations Director

Lauren heads our HR department and day-to-day operations. As a central node point for our fully remote team, she ensures that the SureOak machine runs smoothly. A dynamic and versatile team player with extensive experience in communication, team leadership, organization, and project management, Lauren keeps our team both happy and productive and takes care of all of our internal processes.

Zack Chambers, Director of Link Building

Zack came to SEO and link building through his love of writing. Discovering a talent for writing search optimized content, he refined his Link Building skills so that he could find the best placements for his content. Now, as the Director of Link Strategy at Sure Oak, Zack uses his skills and experiences to help clients achieve their best possible results in a sustainable way.

Henrique Figueiredo, Sr. SEO Strategist

Henrique is a seasoned SEO strategist, with digital marketing experiences managing e-commerce, fintech, telecom, and insurance websites, among others. With both in-house and agency experience, his goal is to deliver all-around, made-for-success SEO strategies covering on-page and technical optimizations.

Dalley Hewitt, Growth Consultant

Dalley is experienced in SEO marketing and works closely with the SureOak SEO team to provide consultative SEO support for clients and prospects. She strives to build relationships in order to develop long-term strategies in order to ensure ongoing success.

Chris Machemer - Lead Developer

As Sure Oak’s Lead Developer, Chris is a seasoned professional with a host of software engineering and leadership experience. His primary focus is making systems more performant and scalable — able to handle ever-increasing volumes of customers, transactions, and data. He has been proudly at the helm of many a successfully executed development project covering a range of deliverables, from eCommerce search platforms to cash management structures to customer profile caching systems.

Roy Martina, Digital Marketing and SEO Strategist

Roy is a detail-oriented digital marketing and SEO strategist with several years of experience in local SEO, keyword research, content management, email marketing and on-page SEO. He’s worked with a wide range of businesses, from dentists and plumbers to global, multinational corporations, and is always ready for his next challenge.

Bojan Mijatovic, Link Building Strategist

Bojan is an experienced digital marketer with a keen interest in all-things-SEO. Having worked as a managing director in a digital agency, he developed strong business acumen related to the industry and is able to develop and execute a ranking campaign proficiently from start to end. He excels at link building/analysis, on-page optimization, keyword research, and competitor analysis.

Sean Comerford, Project Manager

Sean is a detail-oriented project manager with a proven background in product development and project planning. With experience in the events industry and a passion for devising tools and systems, his eye for detail enables the Sure Oak team and clients alike to reach their long-term goals.

Megan Burke, Link Building Strategist

Megan is a Link Building Strategist with four years of experience in digital marketing. She has spent most of her career in the automotive industry, focusing on SEO and email marketing. Her role at Sure Oak allows her to diversify her skills while working with a variety of industries. Motivated and eager to learn, Megan appreciates being a part of a team that aims to inspire and help businesses thrive.

Hayley Lowman, Outreach Specialist

Hayley is a skilled writer, illustrator, marketer, and designer who has worked on a variety of successful outreach projects for Sure Oak. Hayley’s experience with client relations, concise writing, and exceptional organizational skills make her an integral member of the outreach team, achieving success after success in whatever she touches.

Kimberley McConnery, Link Building Manager

Kimberley is a lover of all things SEO and analytics with a passion for helping people. She joins our team with her experience in management and marketing. She enjoys working at Sure Oak and working on a team helping to produce the best projects and results for our clients!

Maggie Strawoet, Content Specialist

With a background in social media and content development, Maggie is excited to begin her career as a content specialist. Maggie is passionate about driving results with high-quality, engaging content and successful social media campaigns.

Milos Radic, Link Building Specialist

Milos is a link building specialist with 4 years of experience. With the large portion of that time spent on doing freelance work directly for clients, he finally found his place at Sure Oak. Milos is always a team player, and looking to learn new things.

Chelsey Moter, Hubspot Marketer

Chelsey has over 5 years of experience in SEO and digital marketing. She is a Hubspot certified expert and specializes in B2B demand generation and revenue operations.

Brady Tibbits, PPC Specialist

Brady is a seasoned PPC expert that assists businesses with their paid search strategies. With his skills in business & brand development, lead generation, digital strategy, and many other relevant areas, he concentrates on driving successful campaigns.

Brad Cohen, PPC Specialist

Brad is an experienced PPC Specialist who works with organizations with their paid search campaigns. He focuses on generating revenue with his expertise in business & brand development, lead generation, digital strategy, and many other related areas.