Telecom SEO Services & Strategy

The demand for telecommunication services is only increasing. A comprehensive digital marketing strategy that includes Telecom SEO will help you stay one step ahead of the competition.

Telecom SEO is as Important as Every Other Industry

The telecommunications industry is worth $1.74 trillion worldwide. There are 6.38 billion individual broadband internet connections in the world; that’s almost one for every human being on the planet.

Telecommunications accounts for hundreds of millions of jobs and dominates nearly every facet of modern life. Telecom is big business, plain and simple. But its monstrous size doesn’t mean the demand is simply there for the taking. Even telecom companies have to invest in their digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) is a key component.

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What is Telecom SEO?

SEO is how digital marketers improve how a website is performing in search engine results pages (SERPS). Essentially, it’s how you drive users to your website, organically — naturally, without paying for ads. The idea is that the more you invest in SEO, the more organic traffic you’ll get. And more organic traffic means more leads, and therefore, more sales.

But in order to execute an effective SEO strategy, you have to focus on specific aspects of a website. These aspects are known as ranking factors. Google has a ton of ranking factors it considers when determining a web page’s position in SERPs. The goal is to get your pages in one of the top three spots for specific search terms, or queries.

This is important because 75 percent of people do business with one of the top three search results when they look for a product or service on Google. And that’s why investing in high-quality SEO is absolutely essential for telecom businesses.

The Value of SEO in the Telecom Industry

The telecom industry is in a constant state of change. In 2019, a record 39.3 million Americans cut the cord on cable and opted for streaming services. And when people were asked how likely they are to change cell phone carriers in the near future, nearly one in five users said they probably would at the next opportunity.

Your customers’ needs are changing. And because of that, your products are changing. The telecom industry as a whole looks completely different than it did a decade ago. In fact, change is about the only constant in the telecom industry. But a digital marketing strategy that prioritizes SEO can help your business’s online presence keep pace with the rapidly evolving telecom sector and successfully adapt to it. Here’s how:

Beating Competitors Online

While consistent demand is a positive in any industry, it also makes it easier for competitors to stick around. And if your competitors are investing in their SEO, that means they’re going to sell their products and services to customers, simply because customers know about them. It’s all about visibility, and if your competitors are more visible in SERPs, it’s tougher for you to reach users who are searching organically for telecom services online.

This is also why neglecting your SEO poses a huge marketing risk. When potential customers are shopping online for telecom products and services, they’ll ideally see your website in organic search results before any of your competitors’ websites. But that requires a solid SEO strategy.

Reducing Customer Churn Rate

Customers’ preferences and expectations in the telecom sector are changing, and they aren’t afraid to switch their service provider — or forego services altogether — to do what’s best for their lifestyle and their wallet. In other words, the days of customers sticking around for the sake of loyalty or even convenience are gone.

Customers are eager and willing to change providers at the drop of a hat, whether it’s for their television, Internet or phone service, to get access to the latest hardware and the most cutting-edge software. That’s why reducing churn is a key part of any telecom marketing strategy, and SEO can help curb churn by ensuring product and service pages are up to date and that they’re ranking well in SERPs.

It’s incredibly important that your website accurately represents your current products and services, not the products and services you were offering six months ago. When your customers start considering other service providers, the first thing they’ll often do is research the products and services they want. And if they don’t know you already offer them, how are they supposed to consider staying?

Existing customers also need to know if you’re offering any new deals or discounts. A special offer or promotion has the potential to keep your existing customers from leaving, but why would they stay if they’re under the impression they can get the best deal elsewhere?

Increasing Your Brand Awareness

According to Harvard professor Gerald Zaltman, 95 percent of all purchasing decisions are made before customers even begin to seek information about a product or service. How is this possible? Because purchasing decisions are subconscious.

This may sound far-fetched, but the subconscious mind has a lot of power over what people choose to buy and not buy, which is why building brand awareness is so important. You want to position your business so that when a potential customer starts shopping for a service provider in the telecom industry, your company is the first one that comes to mind. Quality SEO can help make that happen.

Increasing brand awareness online requires a comprehensive strategy. It requires targeting the most valuable keyword phrases and gaining links from the right websites and properly branding content that’s already performing well. It takes all those components to increase your company’s visibility online and — over time — increase your brand awareness.

What Makes Sure Oak’s Telecom SEO Services Special?

We understand the unique service providers face in the telecom industry. It’s a constantly changing industry that’s poised for even more change in the next several years. In order to have a chance at sticking around, you need a telecommunications digital marketing strategy that as agile as the telecom industry.

Our SEO offerings are unlike anyone else’s. We won’t ever recommend a set-it-and-forget-it or copy & paste marketing strategy. Instead, we develop custom SEO strategies that take into account a wide range of factors that will affect your business now and down the road. And this is how we do it:

SEO Game Plan

Think of this as a road map, designed with the future in mind, giving you the peace of mind that your SEO strategy is built to withstand the constant torrent of digital disruption.

Tailored SEO Services

Sure Oak has a suite of results-driven SEO services to not only drive more organic traffic to your site, but to also increase your leads and ultimately grow your business.

Premium Link Building

Sure Oak offers an industry-leading link building service to make sure your links are featured on the right pages on the right sites.

Work with a Leading Telecom Digital Marketing Team

You can put all the time, effort and money in the word into your website, but if you fail to optimize it, you can forget about seeing any kind of results. SEO helps ensure you’re getting a return on your investment. It can help you beat competitors, improve your retention rate and increase your brand awareness, but only if it’s done properly.

Fortunately, when you work with Sure Oak, you work with a team of SEO experts who are focused solely on creating and executing a high-impact SEO strategy that propels your business toward its goals. We want to see our clients succeed and tenaciously pursue excellence in every aspect of SEO. Contact us today for a free SEO strategy review to learn how we can grow your business.