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What is the SEO Game Plan?

The SEO Game Plan is Sure Oak’s proprietary, holistic approach to building a solid foundation for your SEO. It will be your blueprint for substantial, sustainable growth. Through our proven process, we can increase your website’s search rankings, promote more organic leads, drive sales, and amplify profitability for your business. We do this by focusing on the ranking factors that will make the most impact — identifying all roadblocks, opportunities, and strategies to grow your organic success long-term.

How the Sure Oak Game Plan Works

Creating your SEO game plan starts during our first discovery call. Our SEO analysts will collect information about your brand, goals, pain points, competitors, and budget to build a detailed roadmap to your website’s success. With over 20 years of SEO experience, our team has solved complex SEO problems and faced every SEO challenge a business can face. We know that strategic thinking, research, data analysis and agility are key to implementing an effective SEO strategy.

When you come to us to create your unique SEO Game Plan, our process follows these four steps.

Discuss Your Goals & Priorities

We’ll customize your SEO Game Plan based on your goals, priorities, and what you hope to achieve through search engine optimization. Our discovery and strategy calls provide the opportunity to talk about your short and long-term business goals, your priorities, any additional insight into upcoming initiatives such as new services or product categories, and what you need out of your custom SEO strategy to drive increased success for your business. We’ll use this information to guide our research, recommendations, and reporting.

Identify Your Top Competitors

SEO competitor analysis is necessary if you want to rise in the SERPs. Let us know key competitors on your radar, and we’ll perform a detailed SEO analysis of their rankings, content strategy, and website. Our team will also check relevant keywords to spot any other major search competitors for your business. The information we gather will show us what we’re up against, what will be needed to outpace your competitors, and your SEO Game Plan will highlight opportunities and the strategy needed to gain ground and beat them.

Provide Your Budget Range

Your SEO Game Plan will come with a roadmap of high-impact monthly initiatives, along with the monthly fees we’d charge to begin executing your strategy. If you have a set budget you’re working with, we’ll tailor your SEO Game Plan roadmap recommendations to fit your budget and solve for where you have gaps in your internal resources. Our SEO analysis identifies the optimizations and opportunities that will make the biggest impact, and we’ll focus your budget and our SEO efforts where you’ll get the boost in organic traffic, rankings, and conversions you need.

Gameplan Presentation & Roadmap

After our SEO analysis is complete, we’ll present your SEO Game Plan. Your dedicated SEO team will talk through each of our recommendations and the work it will take to complete them. This is your time to ask questions, discuss strategy, and give your feedback on your strategic blueprint. We want to make sure that you understand what’s needed to get the most out of your website performance and that you’re completely on board with the strategy. When you sign off on the SEO Game Plan, our work toward achieving your business goals will really begin.

What You Can Expect From the SEO Game Plan

Your SEO Game Plan will be a robust, detailed analysis and clear blueprint of your SEO strategy. We believe that taking a holistic approach to SEO is the best way to optimize your website — and drive results. Our SEO analysis paints a complete picture of your website’s health. Understanding all the ins and outs of your site’s performance gives us a competitive edge over major search competitors. When we hand you your SEO Game Plan, you’ll get a year-long plan for rocketing your website up the SERPs.

Here’s what you can expect from your Sure Oak SEO Game Plan:

Technical Website Audit & Priorities

There are hundreds of ranking factors that affect how well your website performs in search. And since the search algorithm is always changing, it takes an expert to keep track of all the factors that impact your rankings. As part of your SEO Game Plan, you’ll receive a detailed technical SEO audit of your website. In this audit, we’ll analyze your page speed, meta information, backlink profile, keyword use, site architecture, and several other factors that are on our technical SEO checklist.

Once the technical audit is complete, we’ll be able to zero in on top optimization priorities for your site. You’ll receive a technical web audit and a roadmap that lays out which issues we recommend fixing first.

Keyword Research & Content Planning

Keyword research is the bedrock of a successful SEO strategy, and it’s impossible to build an effective content strategy without it. Through our in-depth, proprietary keyword research process, our SEO experts uncover the keywords that will have the most impact on your organic traffic and conversions.

Competitive Backlink Audit & Strategy

Backlinks are one of the top ranking factors for how well your website ranks. Quality links show Google and other search engines that your website is authoritative, trustworthy, and relevant. But links that come from spammy sites, like link farms or low quality websites, can ding your rankings.

Our SEO analysis includes a detailed backlink audit. If we find any links that are hurting your website’s trustworthiness, we’ll put it on a disavow list. By removing these bad links, you’ll improve your website’s reputation and rankings.

SEO Game Plan: Analysis, Strategy & Action Plan

You’ll receive a multi-page, detailed SEO analysis, strategy, and action plan. This complete roadmap will detail everything it will take to maximize your website’s performance. If you have an in-house SEO team, you will be able to use this plan to execute your SEO Game Plan on your own. Or, like most of our clients, you can continue into an ongoing SEO engagement with our SEO agency. Wherever you have gaps in internal resources, we can provide the help you need. We’ll partner with your internal team to methodically and collaboratively work our way through priority recommendations to drive your SEO success forward.

SEO Game Plan Presentation

Once your SEO Game Plan is complete, we’ll walk your team through our recommendations. During the SEO Game Plan presentation, you’ll have the opportunity to ask us questions in real time, and we can calibrate any of the findings and recommendations based on what makes the most sense for your business.

Our goal is to help you completely understand where the opportunities lie, where to focus, and how to use this blueprint to achieve your goals and set your business up for long-term success.

The Components of the Sure Oak Game Plan

Your Sure Oak SEO Game Plan includes content strategy, on-site SEO recommendations, off-site SEO analysis, and an SEO competitor analysis.

SEO Content Strategy

Content is king, and SEO content strategy is a pillar of your search engine marketing. Our content analysis and keyword research drive the tailor-made SEO content strategy for your business. Exceptional content that follows our proven methodology will bring value to your users while generating sustainable website growth.

Page Content Analysis

We take a deep look at your existing content, and pick your website apart to see it the way Google does. By providing a detailed analysis of what is working and what needs work, we create a roadmap of how your pages should look from a content perspective in order to improve rankings.

Keyword Research

Our multi-layered keyword research pinpoints exactly which keywords to focus on in your content in order to increase your rankings and capitalize on existing search volume from high-intent potential visitors. Our sophisticated mapping will break down which keywords you should target on each of your webpages.

Content Development Strategy

A highly intentional content development strategy will do wonders for your traffic. We help you determine what needs to happen and when to get you where you want to be.

On-Site SEO

We take a deep dive into the inner workings of your website. Here, we’ll uncover any issues that are holding your website back, and identify specific opportunities for improvement that will help you rank higher.

Technical SEO

Our technical SEO audits spot what others miss. Unlike a simple automated tool, our seasoned SEO experts personally review your site to check for technical issues, ensuring no stone is left unturned.

On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization is critical to success. From metas to H1 tags, we make sure your page is optimized, so search engines can crawl across your content and understand it. The result? Your customers can easily find you.

Analytics & Search Console

We’ll set up analytics and reporting so you can understand your organic traffic, the behavior of your visitors, and the nature of your conversions. With this information, you’ll see where your site stands and what needs work.

Site Architecture & UX

Our expert team will review your site and identify how your site’s architecture and navigation impact the user experience, and how these facets can be improved upon to drive growth.

Off-Site SEO

Often the strongest determinants of SEO success are found in off-site strategies. Learn how to harness these powerful techniques that have a huge impact on the bottom line.

Backlink Analysis

Who is linking to your site? And which links are valuable, as opposed to links that might be hurting your backlink profile? A comprehensive backlink analysis will tell us exactly where your domain stands and what steps to take to increase your site’s authority and get you ranking higher.

Link Building Strategy

Link building is more than a science, it’s an art built on relationships and creative thinking. And it’s a scientific art we have mastered. We will develop a link building strategy to promote your brand and link-worthy content to industry-relevant sites, and tap into our connections to leverage Google’s #1 ranking factor.

Competitor Analysis

How and where are your competitors beating you in search? What strategies are they using to get ahead, and what do you need to do to turn the tide and improve your search positions? Our competitor SEO analysis breaks down the behavior of your competition, uncovering insights into what approaches will work for your business.

Benefits of the Sure Oak Game Plan

A customized SEO Game Plan gives your business a jumping off point for SEO strategy execution. In addition to a window into your website’s performance, you’ll get several other benefits.

The Most Powerful SEO Strategy for Your Long-Term Success

Our SEO Game Plan sets the stage for a year-long SEO course of action that will drive your organic performance and revenue growth in ways you never thought possible. It’s time to dream big.

To manifest real impact for your SEO and your bottom line, you need a clear and focused approach based on solid research and analysis. A results-driven strategy to rank higher and grow faster is what the Game Plan is all about.

SEO Game Plan Case Study for Ecommerce


Increase in organic users to the website


Ecommerce conversion rate increase


Increase in the number of transactions from organic visitors

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