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Retailers no longer compete with only the other stores in the area, you’re now competing against all stores online. Only 3% of retailers use SEO effectively, leaving thousands of dollars on the table. See how our retail SEO services can take your website to the next level.

Retail SEO Helps Online Retailers & Local Businesses Attract More Traffic

The retail industry has changed significantly in the last twenty years. While retail establishments and malls used to be the undisputed center of commerce, buying habits have shifted more and more online. Buyers are now considered to be “omnishoppers” meaning that they research products and make purchases across a variety of different channels. In fact, market research shows that 85% of shoppers learn about a product online before they shop in stores.

Then why is it that only about 3% of retailers are getting clear, actionable results from their digital marketing efforts? Because digital marketing and retail SEO strategies are challenging. It requires time, effort, and expertise. When you partner with Sure Oak as your retail SEO agency, you’ll get a strategy that produces measurable results every single time.

We’ve helped retailers of all types of products climb the search engine results pages and get more customers to their website. We have an expert understanding of the search algorithm, including the ongoing changes to the SERP that make retail SEO even more effective for your industry. From local 3-packs to carousels, we’ll use the variation in the SERP to capture as much organic traffic as possible.

Leverage Retail SEO Services to Get More Customers Today!

What to Expect from Sure Oak Retail SEO Services

Before you enter a partnership with a retail SEO agency, it’s best to understand what you can expect. Sure Oak is known throughout the SEO industry for the exceptional results we earn for our clients. We understand that all the different ranking factors work together and take a holistic approach to SEO. Our process has been proven time and time again to increase website rankings, bring in more traffic, and boost conversions. Here’s what to expect when you partner with us:

Target Audience Insights

Before we create your customized SEO Game Plan, we’ll do a deep dive into what makes your target audience tick. We’ll look at search data to paint a detailed picture of what your target audience is searching for and why. This will help us create strategies that target shoppers at every stage of the buying process – from discovery through conversions to sales.

Competitor Analysis

You may have heard that you should keep your friend close, but your enemy closer. This is true in retail SEO strategy, too. By understanding what your search competitors are doing, you can identify gaps in your SEO strategy and find new opportunities that your competitors haven’t noticed yet. Our retail SEO services include a comprehensive competitor analysis.

Keyword & Content Strategy

In-depth keyword research is the cornerstone of all SEO services for retailers. As a leading keyword research agency, we analyze thousands of keywords to find high-value search terms in your niche. Once we’ve zeroed in on the most effective keywords for your business, we’ll use them to create a unique content strategy for your website. This is where our secret sauce comes in. Our team will create groups of keywords and map them to each page on your website to maximize the keywords that you rank for so your customers can find you no matter what they’re searching for.

Local SEO Audits

Local SEO is incredibly important for retailers. Four out of five shoppers search online to find businesses near them before making a purchase. If you don’t understand how well your business performs in local SEO, you won’t be able to compete on the same playing field as your competitors. Our analysts will check how your website is performing in local keywords, the health of your Google My Business profile, and spot any variances between how your website performs in different geographic locations.

Local Content Optimization

After we complete the retail local SEO audit, we’ll start optimizing your website for local SEO. Geographic keywords and terms that include phrases like “near me” can help shoppers in your community find your website. We’ll also make sure that your Google My Business profile is optimized so that your company’s website, store hours, and directions appear in the local packs in Google SERPs.

Customer Reviews Strategy

More and more, shoppers are heading online to research products before making a purchase. Reviews are a significant part of that research. Our retail SEO services include customer review strategy and website optimizations that feature reviews. In general, product reviews help shoppers convert and recent studies show that displaying reviews can increase conversions by 270%. Our expert SEOs will also help you get reviews through proven strategies so customers can quickly research your products.

Google My Business

If you’ve ever noticed a map to a store or a listing with a business’s phone number and hours, you’re familiar with Google My Business (GMB). It is a free online directory where you can list your location, hours, contact information, services, and more. Keeping your GMB profile up to date will bring more customers to your website and shoppers to your physical store. Our retail SEO services include a detailed GMB analysis and optimization.

Building & Managing Local Citations

Online directories, like Google My Business, list several businesses so people can easily find what they need via a quick search. Local citations are key to a robust retail SEO strategy. Our team will crawl the internet to make sure that your company name, address, and phone number are appearing in relevant directories like Yelp, Angie’s List (if applicable to your business), and other directories specific to your niche. This will help expand your visibility and drive more traffic to your website.

Mobile & Site Speed Optimization

Studies show that retail shoppers are more likely to use mobile devices when researching products online than desktop. Our retail SEO services include mobile and site speed optimization. We’ll work with you to optimize the mobile-friendliness of your website, creating a better user experience and helping your website perform better in the search results. 

Analytics & Reporting

Our retail SEO agency values transparency. We’ll set up ongoing analytics and reports that we will share with you on a monthly basis so your company can see how your website is performing. These reports will track keyword rankings, organic visitors, conversions, and other KPIs that will show us what’s working and what needs to be tweaked. You’re also welcome to ask us for information about your site performance any time.

Why Should Your Retail Store Team Up With Sure Oak?

There are hundreds of SEO agencies out there, but your company deserves the best. Sure Oak specializes in SEO services for retail businesses, and we use battle-tested SEO tactics that are proven to deliver results. Our team of SEO experts will take your underperforming website and turn it into an organic traffic machine, attracting more customers locally and worldwide. 

With our proprietary approach to retail SEO services, we’ll get you the kind of results that you won’t be able to achieve with anyone else. We’re known industry-wide for our attention to detail, exceptional customer service, and out-of-the-box strategies. When you trust us with your website, we’ll do everything we can to help you achieve your goals.

Retail SEO FAQs

Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing websites so they appear higher in the search results on Google and other search engines. By targeting specific SEO keywords, fixing technical issues, earning backlinks, and making other optimizations, you can outrank your competitors and earn unlimited organic traffic. 

Retail SEO strategies are similar to SEO for other types of businesses, but retailers face unique challenges. A professional retail SEO agency can help you implement effective SEO strategies that will bring in more customers, boost sales, and help you win in search.

SEO for health and wellness businesses use similar strategies that other businesses employ to optimize their sites. However, health and wellness businesses face some unique challenges when it comes to marketing their services, including a very competitive industry and strict regulations. Partnering with a health and wellness digital marketing agency like Sure Oak is a proven way to see results from this approach.

The digital age is no longer approaching – it’s here! Retail SEO is necessary if you want to grow your business and find new shoppers. 

By getting your business’s websites at the top of the search results pages your potential customers will see your website insead of the websites of your competitors. An effective retail SEO strategy will increase your organic traffic and bring qualified leads to your site. This will translate into more sale and increased revenue for your business. 

Retail SEO services can also improve your visibility in local searches, bringing more local shoppers to your brick and mortar stores. Plus, an optimized website will lead to improvement across all your marketing channels, from social media to email marketing. Retail SEO should be a cornerstone of your marketing efforts if you want to see better sales.

And our team will do more than just capturing any old traffic. The organic visitors to your website will be qualified, relevant traffic. We do this by thoroughly researching your target audience and keywords to zero in on what they’re searching for and why. Our strategy will prioritize keywords near the end of the sales funnel so traffic comes to your website when they’re ready to convert.

We can also help with a wide range of SEO and digital marketing strategies. This includes local SEO to help potential clients in your community find your business, PPC campaign management for a quick boost in visits, and conversion rate optimization to turn the extra traffic into more revenue.

If you’re new to SEO or not sure what your business needs, schedule an SEO strategy consultation. Our SEO experts will talk with you about what we offer and which services might work best for your business.

The cost of retail SEO services varies depending on several factors. The size and maturity of your website, your niche, the quality of your content, and your business goals can all influence the cost. Our retail SEO company offers services for a wide range of budgets. If you’re interested in getting a quote, give us a call. We’ll talk with you about what kind of support you’re looking for and guide you toward the retail SEO services that will work best for your needs and budget.