SEO Guest Posting Service

While SEO guest posting sounds like a simple idea, it is a highly involved and multi-step process.

We have systematized the entire journey for you, from prospecting and finding websites to qualifying them, reaching out to them, writing your blog post, submitting it, and confirming the guest post SEO backlinks. To do this on your own would take you weeks and months and distract you from your primary business.

We do everything for you.

Benefits of Guest Blogging for SEO

Technical Quality Criteria

Our SEO Guest Post Process

1. Prospect and Research to Create a List of Websites for Outreach

For each campaign we create a list of over 200 qualified websites to target.

We manually search Google for sites that accept guest posts with a variety of fine-tuned search queries.

While prospecting, we already start qualifying websites:

  • Are the links in the blog post main body content “dofollow”?
  • Has this website published blog posts within the last few weeks or stopped posting new content on their blog
  • What is the site’s domain authority?
  • Are there submission guidelines available for contributors?
  • Does this site actually still accept guest posts
  • Is this site a subdomain or a root domain?

What is the topic of this website and is it relevant to your website?

2. Collect Website Data and Contact Details

For each website, we manually collect the following information and combine it into a master list while removing any duplicated sites:

  • Website address
  • Website name
  • Domain authority
  • Blog url
  • Name of contact person
  • Email address of contact person
  • Link to submission guidelines
  • Topic/niche focus
  • Contact us page

If no email address can be found for the website, we use several alternative means to manually try to find it for direct communication with the website.

3. Re-Qualify Prospects Again

After our list of 200+ sites for your campaign is created, we take a closer look at each website before reaching out to them. We want to make sure that they meet all of our criteria, being careful that this is a high-quality website that can be trusted.

  • A manual site inspection to get familiar with the site and what it is about
  • The domain authority and if it meets our minimum
  • The site’s spam score according to Moz
  • New blog posts have recently been published (the site and blog are still active)
  • Links in the article are dofollow
  • The topic of this website is relevant to our website
  • The website is real, legitimate, and has “real company” attributes

4. Outreach and Follow-Up

For every 100 emails that we send out, we may hear back from between 5 and 20 of them, giving us a response rate of only 5%-20%. This is normal in outreach for SEO. Many website owners, bloggers, and editors get bombarded daily with emails while they are busy running their businesses. To increase our chances of connecting with the website owner to get a guest post published on their site, we do the following:

  • Personalize every email (no templates) and build a real relationship with the website owner. Mass emails are impersonal and don’t get responses, hence SEO is intrinsically “unscalable”.
  • Pitch 3 creative article ideas that their audience would love and would be a great fit for their site.
  • Test different subject lines to get bloggers opening our emails.
  • Follow up continuously every 3-5 business days until we hear back or we have sent up to 4 emails and consider them a “dead lead”.
  • We track every step of the process in a database with entries for each website to stay organized

5. Write The Guest Post

  • Review the website’s submission guidelines to see what requirements are needed for a guest post to be accepted and published.
  • Create a writing assignment for a blog post to be written with all relevant detailed information.
  • An American writer comes up with a the concept and idea for the blog post.
  • We create an outline.
    Write the blog post.
  • Review the first draft of the blog post, proof-read it, and edit it
  • Naturally include the backlink in the blog post to ensure that it is properly placed, the link works correctly, and has the correct anchor text variation.

6. Submit The Guest Post

  • The blog post is submitted to the website.
  • If the blog post is rejected for any reason, we modify the blog post with requested changes and re-submit it a second time.
  • We follow up if we don’t hear back from the site owner to see when it will be published.

7. Confirm The Backlink

  • After the blog post is published and live, we verify that the backlink has been included and that it is a dofollow backlink.
  • We track the published guest post as a live link.

Our Guest Blogging SEO Database is Growing

For every new campaign we begin, we start again to find custom sites that are a good fit to backlink to your website.

We have also continuously saved our previously collected website data into a database of over 2,000 websites that accept guest posts in every niche. We’ve also imported data from other sources and created an Australian database of Australian sites as well.

Our database of opportunities of sites to backlink to you grows a little bit bigger every day.

Do you know if your webpages are performing to their maximum potential? Find out more about how our SEO optimization services can help your business.