Link Building Services for Small Business

Link building is a critical SEO component if you want to rank for competitive terms, especially against bigger players. Even out the SEO playing field by investing in link building services for small businesses. Our link building agency will help you earn links that you can’t get anywhere else, and we can help you climb the SERPs and attract more customers to your website.

Do Small Businesses Need Link Building Services?

Link building is one of the most powerful SEO tools your small business has in your toolbox. When the links that point to your business’s website come from high-quality sources, you’ll see a boost in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Backlinks show Google that your website is popular, trustworthy, and authoritative.

But link building is one of the most difficult strategies to pull off. It takes time to prospect for links, reach out to webmasters, and create shareable content. As a small business, you’re already handling a lot. Finding the time and developing the expertise to earn links adds to the challenge. That’s where professional link building services to small businesses come in.

Partnering with Sure Oak gives you instant access to over two decades of search engine optimization experience. We’re known across the industry for outstanding link building results we get for our clients. Our small business link building service includes a detailed backlink audit, targeted outreach, regular reporting, and high-quality links to increase your rankings.

Our SMB Link Building Process

We take a strategic approach to link building for small businesses. Our SEO experts start with a thorough backlink audit and competitor link analysis. Then, we’ll prospect for high-quality links that are relevant to your industry. And because we’ve spent more than twenty years building relationships with webmasters, bloggers, and thought leaders across a range of industries, we can get you the kind of links that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Competitor Link Analysis

Our link building services for small businesses begin with a competitor link analysis. We’ll audit the links that your search competitors have earned. This will show us what kind of links your competition has, where these links are coming from, and any holes in their linking strategy. Once we have this information, our SEO experts will build a small business link building strategy that will help you compete link for link with your competitors.

Backlink Audit

You can’t know how to tweak your small business link building strategy without having a complete picture of your existing links. As part of our link building services for small businesses, we’ll complete a comprehensive backlink audit. We’ll take a look at how many links your business has, where the links are coming from, and the quality of these links. If we find any toxic links, our link building experts will make a plan to disavow them to improve the overall health of your website.

Link Management

More links doesn’t always mean more traffic. Links that come from spammy websites are considered “toxic links,” and they can lower your rankings. These are links that come from a website that Google considers to be spam, contains a virus or malware, is a link network, or is a site that isn’t indexed. With our small business link building services, you can trust that these toxic links will be cleaned up. 

Targeted Outreach

Our team of link building experts will perform comprehensive targeted outreach to continually earn quality links for your small business. Strategies we use when link building for small businesses include editorial link insertions, guest posting, link reclamation, finding unlinked brand mentions, resource page link building, and creating new link-worthy content that relevant websites will want to share.

Local Analysis

If your small business has a strong local presence, we’ll perform a local link analysis as part of our small business link building services. Our SEO experts will take a look at local citations you have, as well as others we could build, and we’ll source relevant websites where we can earn  high-quality links to build up your backlink profile and help you outrank local competitors.


We won’t stop at auditing and earning links. Our link building services for small businesses include detailed, monthly reports. These reports will show you what links you’ve gained, any links that you may have lost, how your website is performing in the SERPs, organic traffic trends to your website, and everything you need to know in order to track your performance.

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How Does Link Building for Small Businesses Differ From Other Link Building?

Link building for small businesses is similar to building links for other types of businesses. They both take a strategic approach and require research, persistence, and time. The difference for small businesses is that it can be much more challenging to earn links.

As a small business, you have fewer resources at your disposal. With smaller budgets, fewer employees, and more tasks to juggle, prioritizing link building efforts can be an uphill battle. Not only is it more taxing for your business, but you’re often competing with companies who are much larger than you.

Sure Oak understands the importance of link building for small businesses, and we pride ourselves in helping businesses of any size edge out their competition with strategic SEO. Our link building services for SMB give you instant access to some of the best link building experts in the business. We’ll create a custom link building strategy that focuses on having the biggest impact on your rankings and traffic in the shortest amount of time.

Small Business Link Building Strategies

No matter the industry or your business goals, we have link building strategies that will work for your business. When you meet with our SEO experts, we’ll customize link building services for your small business. Depending on your needs, we may recommend:

Local Citations & Directory Listings

Citations and online directories can help get your website in front of potential customers and give you an infusion of link power. We’ll ensure you have a Google My Business (GMB) listing and that it’s optimized, and our link building experts will source other relevant directories where we can place backlinks to boost your local online presence in your community.

Editorial Insertions

An editorial link insertion is when a link to your SMB website is added to an existing piece of content online. One of the benefits to editorial link insertion versus guest posting is that the content has already been indexed by Google. This means that you’re more likely to see a valuable boost in site authority in a shorter period of time. When you partner with us for small business link building services, our link building strategists will reach out to a long list of prospective websites to earn high-quality links.

Guest Posting

Earning links through guest posting is a tried and true strategy. Our content strategy team will come up with creative ideas for content about topics that interest your target audience. We’ll pitch these ideas to relevant, authoritative sites within your niche. By earning these guest posts, you’ll get a solid backlink to your website and the other site will get valuable content.

Brand Mentions

If your small business has brand recognition, there are likely places online that mention your company by name. We’ll search for these mentions, check to make sure that they link back to your site, and reach out to authors to add a backlink when they don’t. Similar to editorial link insertion, these pages are already indexed so you’re more likely to see the benefits from these linked brand mentions quickly.

Resource Pages

Lists of resources are common online. If your small business website includes educational content that could be a valuable resource for a particular audience, we’ll reach out to get links to your page added to resource roundups.

Link Building Services FAQs

The amount of time it takes to see results from link building services for SMB varies. It depends on many factors like the maturity of your website, your industry, the competitive landscape, and your company’s goals. In most cases, our clients start to see initial results after a few months, but the full impact of small business link building won’t be realized for about a year. Our SEO experts will talk with you about what you can expect during your free strategy session.

Domain authority (DA) is a score from Moz that helps predict how well a website will rank on a search engine results page. It’s calculated by examining a variety of factors, including the total number of backlinks and linking domains. A website will get a domain authority score between one and 100. The higher your score, the better your domain authority. Getting links from quality sites with solid domain authority will help boost your own site’s authority scores over time.

Yes! Sure Oak offers local SEO services that are proven to deliver results. We offer a variety of local SEO services that are flexible for businesses and budgets of all sizes. Whether you’re new on the block or you’re a long-standing business, we’ll help you maximize your local presence. Our local SEO services include local SEO audits, content strategy, customer reviews strategy, Google My Business, and much more.

Yes, we’re a full-service digital marketing agency. Sure Oak offers a wide range of SEO services including content creation, keyword research, SEO strategy consulting, technical SEO, and much more. If you’re not sure which services will work the best for your business, don’t worry. Our SEO experts will guide you to the digital marketing strategies that will have the biggest impact on your organic traffic, rankings, and conversions.