SEO Keyword Audit Service

Targeting the right keywords is necessary if you hope to move the needle with your SEO strategy. But knowing whether you’re on the right track is easier said than done. Our SEO keyword audit services will analyze the keywords your business is targeting and provide actionable recommendations to improve your rankings.

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Investing in an SEO keyword audit can keep your strategies sharp and focused. An SEO keyword audit will give you a deeper insight into your target audience’s thoughts, desires, and concerns. By identifying powerful, relevant keywords to leverage, as well as the multitude of closely-related, semantically relevant terms, you’ll have a much easier time properly strategizing and capturing qualified organic traffic. 

But SEO keyword audit services can be complicated. You need experts on your side who understand the nuances of search intent and your business goals. At Sure Oak, we have over two decades of experience in search engine optimization. We have performed thousands of comprehensive SEO keyword audits for a wide range of businesses. Our team of experts will provide you with actionable insights to help you find the right SEO strategy for your company.

Comprehensive SEO Audit Service for Keyword Research

If you’re working to maximize the amount of organic traffic your business’s website receives, SEO keyword audit services can take your traffic to the next level. Our SEO agency uses a proven approach to identify the keywords you should target based on your goals and buyer intent. Here is our five-step process for putting together actionable keyword audits:

1. Understand Business Goals and Target Audience

Before we begin your SEO keyword audit, our team needs to understand your business goals and the audience that you’re targeting. In a discovery call, our team will speak with you about what makes your company different from your competitors, the challenges that you face, who your business is targeting, and the goals you have for the coming year.

Getting to know the ins and outs of your company helps us make sure that you’re getting actionable recommendations that make sense for your needs. We tailor our keyword audit services to each client. You can trust that you’re getting a personalized audit report that will help frame your overall SEO strategy.

2. Analyze Existing Keywords and Content

After we get to know your business, the keyword research begins. We’ll analyze what keywords your business currently ranks for, where you are in the rankings, and how you’re using keywords in your content. This work will save your business time. Instead of digging through old reports within your existing analytics tools to try and piece together the information you need, we’ll present a clean analysis with all the information you need to move forward, including new ideas you likely haven’t thought of.

3. In-Depth Keyword Research and Competition Analysis

Our SEO keyword audit services include comprehensive keyword research and competitor analysis. Your team will tell us what terms you’re hoping to rank for and what types of customers you’re hoping to attract to your website. Then our keyword experts will dive into research. We’ll take a look at the top rankings for your keywords, uncover related terms, and analyze the audience to ensure that your desired keywords fit in with your business strategy.

This research includes a competitor analysis. Let our team know any competitors you’re challenging, and we’ll help you find a path to beat them in search. We’ll also deeply analyze your search competitors — often they aren’t the same as competitors on your radar. As part of our SEO keyword audit services, we’ll analyze your competition’s keyword strategy, rankings, and content.

4. Evaluating Keyword Difficulty and Intent

A major part of keyword research analysis is understanding the search intent behind certain keywords. When you know why a user is searching for certain phrases, you know where they are in the sales funnel. Ideally, your website will rank for action-oriented keywords so you’re at the top of mind when potential customers are ready to make a purchase. Our SEO experts will analyze the keywords you’re targeting to ensure they’re comprehensive and will lead visitors through your sales funnels to boost conversions.

Keyword difficulty is another important factor that guides SEO strategy. You want to target keywords that you’re likely to rank for, and less-competitive terms often make sense to go after first. A strategy where you only target highly competitive, short-tail keywords isn’t likely to improve your traffic and conversions. Our experts will analyze how difficult it will be to rank for your target keywords to determine if your strategy includes the right mix of attainable phrases.

5. Identifying Keyword Clusters and Long-Tail Opportunities

During SEO keyword research, our experts will uncover additional opportunities for your business. With our specialized approach to SEO keyword audits, our experts will spot long-tail keywords, phrases, and clusters of keywords that are related to the terms that your business is planning to target. By going after these additional keywords, you’ll be able to expand your brand awareness, capture more organic traffic, appear on more SERPs, and improve website conversions.

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Diverse Keyword Auditing

No two businesses are exactly alike. The challenges and opportunities that your industry faces influence the type of keywords that you should be targeting. With over twenty years of experience in search engine optimization, our team has performed SEO keyword audits for all types of businesses. Whether you’re a SaaS business, an ecommerce company, or a startup, our experts will work with you to audit terms that will attract your target audience.

Our SEO keyword audit services will be tailored to your business goals. If you’re hoping to drive traffic to your ecommerce site when customers are ready to buy, want to establish yourself in local search, or are hoping to break out into an international market, we’ll find the right mix of keywords for you.


Billions of people are searching for products to buy online every day. You need to capture your customers when they are intending to buy to make the journey as seamless as possible. Our team will audit your targeted keywords to make sure that they are capturing customers at the right part of the sales funnel.


Consumers are using search engines to find local businesses. Our SEO keyword audit services will assess your targeted keywords to see how you can capture a local audience through search. The audit will provide actionable recommendations that your business can use to establish your local presence.


If you’re looking to expand your business into other countries, a website keyword audit is a necessity. You’ll be contending with different languages, different search engines, and different cultures. Partnering with our agency for an SEO keyword audit will provide you with a guide as you strike out into new territories.

Editorial & News

Earning links in news articles and other editorial options can bring a boost of traffic to your business’s website.

Our keyword experts will perform a comprehensive on-page SEO audit of your website to see if you’re producing shareable content. As a leading on-page SEO agency, we don’t just stop at audits. We will also identify new keyword opportunities where your business can earn valuable mentions and high-quality links, ensuring your site’s performance is at its peak.

Actionable Audit with Meaningful Priorities

Our SEO keyword audit services go beyond handing you a few pages of keyword research. Your business will get actionable insights that show you how to take the keyword analysis and apply it to your SEO strategy. Our goal is to help you capture more qualified traffic so you can grow your business. When you partner with us for a keyword research audit, your business will receive:

Ongoing SEO Program for Continued Success

Our SEO support doesn’t stop with a website keyword audit. In order to get the most out of your targeted keyword and content strategy, you need to plan for the long-term. Algorithms change, buyer behaviors change, and your competitors change. A one-off SEO keyword audit isn’t going to help you keep up with the market a few years down the line.

At Sure Oak, our SEO agency offers keyword research services that will keep your strategy sharp. We can help with keyword identification, keyword mapping, striking distance analysis, competitor analysis, content brief creation, and much more.

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Keyword Research Services FAQs

The amount of time it will take us to complete our SEO keyword audit services varies depending on several factors. Your industry, target audience, website quality, and goals all impact the timing; however, our audits are typically completed in 2-3 weeks. If you want a customized timing estimate or more information, give us a call! Our team will walk you through what to expect.

We use a variety of keyword research tools, including:

  • SEMrush
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Ahrefs
  • Many others!

Getting started with Sure Oak for SEO keyword audit services is easy. You’ll start with a quick discovery call where our SEO experts can get to know more about your business and your goals. We’ll talk with you about your competitors and the keywords for which you hope to rank. Afterwards, we’ll ask you to fill out a questionnaire with some additional information about your company. Then the research and analysis is up to us!

The cost of SEO keyword audit services depend on the size of your website, your industry, your goals, and other factors. We can provide a customized quote if you schedule a free strategy call with our SEO agency.

Yes, we are a full service SEO agency. In addition to keyword audit services, we can help with SEO keyword research, content development, premium link building, local SEO strategy, technical SEO optimization, and so much more. 

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