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Brian Dean used to be a digital nomad.

Now, he’s a digital “slowmad.”

He used to travel the world, spending one night in Berlin and then jetting off for a two or three-day stay in Canada. It might sound glamorous, but according to Brian, it’s a great way to not get any work done. After growing tired of living off a miniscule budget, Brian decided to turn to the “slowmad” lifestyle. He still travels the world while working on his digital marketing, but now he spends weeks at a time in different places, being sure to get work done and still enjoy his travels.


Brian’s typical work day begins around ten and ends around 3.

“I’m not a long hours guy.”

In the early days of your career, Brian says it’s great to work a lot.

When he first started out, he would give himself from 7am-7pm to get his work done.

“You don’t know a lot, so you have a learn and work a lot.”

It gives you time to figure out what works and what doesn’t work for you, so when you’re older, you can simply do what works best for you.


To Brian, “There is nothing more important than creating.”

Brian always starts his day off by writing.

With a blog, there is nothing more important than creating content for the blog. So before he turns on his phone or checks his email, he is sure to write a new blog post for his website.


Sometimes content on a blog need updating, so writing something new doesn’t always mean writing a whole new post.

When things change with Google or with SEO, it’s just as important to go in and alter old content for relevance as it is to make new posts.


Brian has done it all.

From running an agency, to working for an affiliate, to consulting, he has given it all a try.

In the end, he says you should never stop trying to figure out what works for you and for your career.


  • Work more when you’re starting out and discover what works best for you.
  • Never stop trying new things.
  • Being a “slowmad” is most likely more lucrative than being a digital nomad.


  • As a blogger, there is nothing more important than creating content.
  • Sometimes writing means rewriting, not just creating something new
  • When pieces need updating, that is just as important as creating new content.



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