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The way your customers experience the internet is changing.

That means your website has to change too.

Patrick Reinhart from Conductor sat down with Tom Casano to explain how the availability of internet is changing how customers interact with it. He coined the term ‘experience-centric internet’ to mark this shift.

On the podcast, Pat digs into his 12 years of SEO experience, his top 3 ways to improve customer site experience, how to meet customer needs, and how to find the best educational content for your customers.


The internet is no longer only accessed on your desktop computer. People are accessing the internet through their mobile phones, voice search devices (like Echo), even their refrigerators. The way people are engaging with the web is changing.

Therefore, the way they experience the internet is changing. People don’t want the internet to just provide answers, it should solve their problems.

The customer engagement is becoming more holistic. Patrick Reinhart explains that people no longer want to just buy a pair of sunglasses, they want the sunglasses to make their lives better. Your website experience has to be part of that solution. Put the customer first.


Exceptional user experience is crucial in the experience-centric internet. Pat shared XX key ways to improve your onsite experience:

1. Accelerated Mobile Pages

This open source project increases page speed. Over 24 million domains are using it to improve their site experience.

2. Mobile-friendly focus

Google will soon be launching its mobile-first initiative. If your site isn’t mobile ready, it will be left behind. Responsive or adapted design are no longer an option.

3. Live Chat

Customers do not want to make a phone call or wait for an email reply. Instantaneous responses becoming an expected part of onsite experience. Whether that’s a serviced live chat or a chatbot, your site should offer instant customer service.


Today, people want to transact with a brand that they trust. This trust can be built through site experience.

Patrick Reinhart shared Conductor’s research that 83% of people who read a piece of educational content trusted that brand. When prompted, they indicated they were more likely to purchase from that brand because they had a good experience from that educational content.

Content can be educational on the product, the field or targeted to the specific customer’s needs. The result is increased brand loyalty and future revenue.

Unsure of where to find content?

Pat advises you to look no further than your customer service department.

Mine the most common questions received by customer service for content ideas. The easiest and most effective educational content is to simply answer their questions with content.


  • Customers are demanding better experience from their time on the internet.
  • Three key ways to improve experience are improved speed, mobile-focus and live-chat.
  • To best meet customer needs, focus on being the solution to their problem.


  • The device mix that is used by customers is changing with the Iot.
  • 83% of people who read a piece of educational content trusted the brand.
  • Mine your own customer service response for content ideas.



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